The representative of the leading Marja’iya in Europe congratulates the Muslim world on the Eid al-Fitr and says:
1 - Eid is a great occasion and a great opportunity to purify the souls and chasten the spirits, and exercise tolerance and reconciliation and meet and be caring and friendly to others.
2 – We need to preserve what we learned in the month of Ramadan, maintain recitation of the Qur’an, worship and good deeds so that we shall not be: (( a woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun, after it has become strong....)) Holy Qur’an 16:92
3. Muslim communities in Europe and the West in general should, during the days of Eid al Fitr demonstrate the true image of Islam, which promotes the values of tolerance and peace and the rejection of intolerance and hatred.
30 Ramadhan 1439

He was speaking on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr which Allah (swt) made a celebration for Muslims and for Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him and his household) an asset and honour and much more - a day of thanksgiving for those who fast, fulfilling the obligation, chastening and purifying their souls from vices and sins, away from indecency and evil – strengthening their willpower and patience in their acts of worship – remembering the Day of Judgment and its horrors, hunger and thirst, helping the poor and orphans and the destitute, looking after the needy and assisting in alleviating their burden and life’s difficulties so they (those who fasted) may be included in Allah’s mercy of this magnificent month.

The reward of some of their deeds Allah decreed for them is that the first day of the month of Shawwal shall be the day of Eid, the day of joy and pleasure. Allah also urged them to cleanse the souls, exercise tolerance and reconciliation and meet and be caring and friendly with other - to reach a cohesive loving society. Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said to Abu Khadija: "How much is between you and Basra?" He said: By water five if the wind blows in the right direction and around eight by land. He (a.s.) said: So close! Get together and look after each other because for sure on the day of resurrection each individual will have to bring someone to bear witness on his belief.
Visiting your brothers in Islam earns you a great reward (Thawab), as Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) said: “Whoever visits his brother in Islam, Allah Almighty will say: you have become closer to Me, and your reward (Thawab) is on Me, and I will not be satisfied for your reward to be less than paradise.

And the most important thing that the Momin gains from visiting his brothers is; atonement of bad deeds, security from torment (a’thab), and elevation of rank.

Imam al-Baqir (a.s.) said: "Any believer going to visit his brother, knowing his right Allah will, in every step, write a positive point for him and erase a bad one and elevate his rank. If he knocks on the door and its opened, then the doors of heaven will open for him, and if they meet and shake hands and embrace Allah will grant them His mercy and will boast them to the angles and say: Look at my servants visiting and loving each other. It is my right not to torment them with fire after this act.

فإذا انصرف شيّعه ملائكةٌ عدد نَفَسه وخُطاه وكلامه، يحفظونه عن بلاء الدنيا وبوائق الآخرة إلى مثل تلك الليلة من قابل، فإن مات فيما بينهما أعفي من الحساب. وإن كان المزور يعرف من حق الزائر ما عرفه الزائر من حق المزور كان له مثل أجره).

We have to continue this approach, which we are used to - to seek each other and to perform prayers on time; because it is the pillar of religion, the measure of deeds, the pinnacle of Islam, the pleasure of the Lord, the approach of the prophets, the cause of mercy.

Our prophet (s.a.w.w.) will be delighted if we continue this approach for the rest of the year and not overdo it so as not to be: (( a woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun, after it has become strong....)) Holy Qur’an 16:92

I also emphasize on young people, who have learnt a lot of activities this month, to take advantage of time, planning and allocating time for worship, supplication and istighfar (repentance) and strengthen their link with the Holy Quran, attend mosques, praying together, and maintain good behaviour and social discipline.

And we have to take the initiative and race to do good things; as Imam Hussein (a.s.) says: “Allah Almighty has made the month of Ramadhan a course for his creation in which they race to obey and attain His satisfaction. Some will have triumphed whilst others who defaulted would failed. One wonders why people laugh and play on the day when the good-doers are rewarded and the losers disappointed.”

There is no doubt that the Muslim communities in the West can play a vital role in explaining the message of love and peace to Western societies - as called for by the Holy Qur’an: ((But Allah doth call to the Home of Peace)) 10:25.
Peace is one of the names and attributed of Allah Almighty, which leads to the exposing the false image the Takfirit are currently trying to associate with Islam.

We must be wary of being fascinated with biased media broadcasts and the malicious channels whose aims are to corrupt and destroy our morals and wreck homes, attack virtue, spread obscenities, and rip families apart.

O Allah, grant us every all the good You granted Muhammad and his household and keep us away from all the badness you kept away from Muhammad and his household may your peace and blessings be upon them all.