The representative of the supreme authority of Shi’ah Muslims in Europe inaugurates ‘the centre of Imam Ridha (as)’ in Liverpool. He congratulates the Islamic world on the auspicious occasion of the Day of Al-Ghadir, and emphasises:
• One must abide by the [Imamah] socio-political, spiritual and Divine leadership of the Ahl al-Bayt (as), and defend its values due to the famous prophetic (sawas) saying: “I recommend you to follow the Qur’an [Book of Allah] and my progeny [the Ahl al-Bayt (as)]
• We hope that this centre will be a hub for education and spreading knowledge for all believers along with their children! We hope that it will be a source of guidance towards unity and harmony amongst the community members, just like the rest of the centres in the United Kingdom.
25 Thilhijja 1439

His eminence said:
‘It is a good sign that the opening ceremony coincided with the anniversary of the feast of Ghadir, as the day of the great Divine leadership, through which the religion was accomplished and the grace is completed. The [Imamah] Divine leadership is one of the pillars of religion that was blessed by the Shari’a Law. This Law has promoted us to spend money, time and all other available means to support the [Imamah] Divine leadership, to revive it and remind everyone it would be practiced. It has been narrated from [Amir al-Mu’mineen] Imam Ali (as) that he said: “Our Shi’ahs are those who support each other based on our love, those who love each other due to our affection, and those who visit each other in order to revive our cause”. Also, it has been narrated that Imam al-Baqir (as) said: “Meet each other and learn about our cause, so the angels will be flying over and blessing your head, may Almighty Allah (swt) bless those who revive our cause!”. It has been narrated that Imam al-Sadiq (as) used to tell his companions: “Fear Allah, and keep yourselves as loving brothers for the sake of Allah (swt)! You should continue to be in touch, and affectionate with each other! You should visit and meet each other, trying to learn our cause and revive it!” It has been narrated from him: “God blesses a servant, who, upon meeting his brother, is learning about our cause, as there would be a third individual, namely an angel, praying for them with forgiveness”. It has also been narrated from him: “The most pious amongst people -after us- are those who meet to learn about us, and call others to remember us”.

The [Imamah] Divine leadership for the people -as manifested in the Ahl al-Bayt (as) example-, the values of which we have been ordered to revive and support, is the best guarantee for the continuation of the prophethood and the Shar’ia norms! Having said that it’s because the Ahl al-Bayt (as) are the authority after the Prophet (sawas), in order to explain the basis of religion, the practical rulings of Islam and the interpretation of the Qur’an. Islam cannot prevail without having an authority capable of explaining the practical rulings for ignorant individuals, and clarifying the exact interpretation of the Qur’anic verses for those seeking truth, which s/he may follow. Allah Almighty (swt) has given this authority and entrusted the Ahl al-Bayt (as), i.e. the family of the Prophet (sawas) with this task. The Ahl al-Bayt (as) were created from the same light from which the Prophet (sawas) was created. In addition, they were blessed with infallibility, as he was blessed with, and they were purified as he was purified. They are indeed the heirs of Adam [the one chosen by the Almighty], Noah [the Prophet of Allah], Ibrahim [the one who was beloved by Allah], Moses [who was spoken to by Allah], Jesus [the Soul of Allah] and Muhammad, who was the one, who Allah (swt) loves (sawas).

So, the day of al-Ghadir is the day of the proclamation and declaration of the mechanism as to how to ensure the continuation of Post-Prophet (sawas) Islam and its eternity forever. That’s why it is considered as the accomplishment of the grace and completing the thoroughness of religion, as the [Imamah] Divine leadership is an important pillar of Islam! It is the safeguard and security against sedition and division, as expressed by Lady Saint Fatima (as) in her speech in the mosque of Al-Madinah [Masjid al-rasul (sawas)] after his death! She warned the Muslim nation, not to deviate from this source of guidance, as it would lead them to hell, disgrace ending in limbo! As she (as) said: “Woe on you! How can they deviate from the right path and stronghold of the message and the basis of prophethood, where the arch angel would descend at the safe spirit and the things of the world and religion! Unless one is talking about great loss!” Then she had carried on, saying: "Thus be aware that you –O, people, preach the right path. You will be facing bloodshed and battles and, be assured that seditions will be overwhelming, by a ruthless aggressor; however Almighty Allah (sw) would allow the majority mass, with whole of a few words, to bring you to Justice."

Hence, it is to embrace the Wilayat and defend its domination, a great virtue and a high rank, which is assisted by his companions to accompany the prophets, friends, martyrs, righteous and righteousness companions.

Finally, we ask Allah Almighty to make us among those following the path of Amirul-Momineen (a.s.) and adhere to his Wilaya and the Wilaya of his sons (a.s.) for He [Allah] Listens and Responds.