The representative of the supreme authority of Shi’ah in Europe states:
• One must pay attention to the miserable and care for the vulnerable individuals
• He has laid the foundation stone for Imam Sadiq (as) charitable complex in Antananarivo, (capital of Madagascar)
17 Shawwal 1440

This speech came during the Friday sermon in the Mosque of Imam Hussain (as). He has stressed the extreme importance of care for the needy and those who are vulnerable by meeting their needs. One must establish homes for them provided by the wealthy believers, copying the same example done by the supreme authority in Iraq, through establishing of [Al-‘Ain] ‘Social Welfare Foundation’, where one of its projects is to sponsor the orphans and care for widows and construct houses for the poor.

He said that this country -thanks to God- is voraciously blessed with rich natural resources, and there are some with charitable people, who have provided here some good projects for the poor and built some centres. Following those cases of charity some benefactors have donated a land of 20,000 square meters with their own money, and said they would put it under the management of Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah (swt) save him), in order to let him act as he pleases! We have put this land -on his behalf, i.e. Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah (swt) save him) as an endowment for the benefit of the poor! This will be a charitable complex in the name of the ‘Imam Sadiq Complex (as)’, as it coincided with the memory of his martyrdom (as), which is in this month (Shawwal). This complex shall include houses for the needy, a school, a library, a prayer hall and entertaining venues that provide the appropriate atmosphere for those families.

As the same benefactor has –himself- donated, for the Muslims, donated 25,000 square meters in order to expand the current cemetery! His eminence Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah save him) has appealed to the believers to remain faithful to their goals and to make this cemetery the edifice for the poor as we did earlier.

His Eminence added:
We must support the most miserable and most vulnerable individuals, who are continuously and constantly deprived of their rights, they have weakened social status and undermined humanity! Indeed it is the Almighty Allah’s (swt) Will for us to support the oppressed, even if they are non-Muslims! We must stand against injustice even if the oppressor were a ‘Muslim’ while the oppressed is non-Muslim, because Almighty Allah (swt) wants us to give each what is rightfully his, whether he is Muslim or non-Muslim! One may not oppress the non-Muslim, nor deprive him/her of what is rightfully theirs.

لا ينهاكم الله عن الذين لم يقاتلوكم في الدين ولم يخرجوكم من دياركم ان تبروهم وتقسطوا اليهم ان الله يحب المقسطين

(Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes - from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly.) Qur’an, C. 60: V. 8

Therefore it has been narrated from one of the Imams (sa) that Almighty Allah (swt) has revealed to His prophet -in a mighty kingdom, where a despotic ruler was ruling over his citizens- that he should go and tell him a message, namely: ‘I have appointed you to rule, but expect from you that I’d never hear the voice of someone oppressed.’ This means that Almighty Allah does not want to hear a voice from the oppressed. That Almighty Allah wants justice for all people, as much as he wants a genuine belief for all people. Therefore our duty: ‘O Allah, the believers…etc, therefore one must be with the miserable and vulnerable individuals against the arrogant individuals! because Allah Almighty rejects any form arrogance from other every human being, rejects him from the Muslims as rejected by the unbelievers, why? Because the arrogant is summarized in feeling better and the superiority over other mankind! God does not want a man to consider himself over another human being except in piety. The Qur’ah states: (That home of the Hereafter We assign to those who do not desire exaltedness upon the earth or corruption. And the [best] outcome is for the righteous.’) Qur’an, C. 28: V. 83

Further to this one reads from Imam Ali (as): Let your citizens feel your mercy, so be kind to them and be merciful, and show them love and care! So don’t be like an injured animal, who is waiting for the opportunity to swallow.. As for other human beings, they are either your brother in religion, or your peer in creation! They are not infallible and are subject to any form of shortcomings or mistakes, so give them from your forgiveness and patience as much as you would like to receive from and accept from God, to bless you with forgiveness and Mercy!

During his visit to the area, his eminence had visited some charitable projects, such as building a complex for low-income people to pay its costs back within 10 years! Also he has visited other schools for the poor, the Prophet's (sawas) compound, which includes several projects for orphans and widows, and schools for various educational levels -from kindergarten to a college- and a student home, i.e. a separated section for students and a hall for ceremonies! He has given a lecture at this complex, and another lecture was delivered Thursday night at the Imam Hussein (as) Forum, with the presence of a large gathering of believers.

His eminence also met with the religious preachers in that region and gave a talk about righteousness and that the cleric should be a perfect example for others through his dedication and asceticism! These are necessary because one will be only influential, through his active struggle and his words will attract and drive hearts closer, more than blunt words alone. One means that decent acts have more influence on others than the influence of sermons and oral speeches, as they provide one with the a profound power of being decisive to work with greater vigour, determination and endurance which cannot be achieved in the absence of an influential role model! When the prophets (as) – were appointed by their Lord, their tasks were not limited to the guidance, nor preaching with sheer words, as speaking alone does not replace a living educational example, that reflects -through his behaviour- the ideal morals, the perfect goals, objectives and values that the Divine message calls for it. This would render the responsibility of the clergy and educational officers to be a good example for those around them, because they are the exponent elements that would contribute influences in the process of education.

In addition to those points, His eminence has met the faithful sisters in the Hawzah of al-Imam al-muntadhar (as). He has demonstrated his care for them. He has also given a speech about the role of women in conveying the message of Islam. As it is obvious that women have great impact in communicating with other women, in particular, while conveying the rules of Shari’ah, more precisely the rules of prohibiting the evil and encouraging the good within the women's society! As there are certain legal and Shari’ah rulings that are difficult for women to ask from men, as much as it is difficult for men to inform the women and tell them the exact answers. A perfect example of those questions, are the rulings of menstruation and post-natal bleeding amongst others! The reason should remain obvious as these rulings are combined with shyness and/or being embarrassed by shyness and the like! The case would be different if the channel is provided by women, because they should be well informed and their party, that is familiar with these legal rulings amongst other women! Women can be substitute for Men in the presenting of the rules and provide statement while explaining the Shar'ia rulings among women, influencing them in the field of preaching and guidance, and even the presentation of the concepts of women by women is in harmony with the feelings and emotions that are shared with women, all of which takes place without any embarrassment, shyness or other.

He has emphasized that any woman should take the great lady of Islam, i.e. Saydatun Nissa, Az-Zahra (as) as a role model! The history has recorded for us that the Prophet (sawas) was continuously relaying on his daughter-, Az-Zahra (as),- in introducing the rulings of Islam and/or conveying or communicating them within the women's society.

Hopefully, he will conclude his visit by visiting the cemetery of the community on Saturday!