The Representative of the leading Marj’iya in Europe congratulates the Islamic world on the blessed occasion of Eid Al-Fitr and says:
• Muslim communities in the West can play a vital role in spreading love and peace through Eid.
• Affirms the sustainability of what we have learned of good deeds and actions in this month and urges Muslims to: exchange visits, spread love, tolerance and affection for each other in accordance with the Muhammadiyah message.
29 Ramadhan 1441

The Eid is a good opportunity to show joy and happiness and exchange congratulations between Muslims on this noble occasion and to thank God for helping them fast during the month of Ramadan, which purified their souls and strengthened their will to obey and do good deeds. It is hoped that they will continue on what they’ve learnt in this holy month from reciting the Qur’an and remembering and linking with Allah Almighty. We therefore find that one of the first practices that Islam enacted on the day of Eid is the prayer [Salat], that reminds Muslims of the principles and values they have learnt, through which they feel their unity and strength and that they are committed to His orders, the Glorified, and keeping away from His interdictions

Eid also reminds Muslims of those in need, through zakat al-fitra assigned to the deprived and destitute, especially those widows and orphans who are products of disasters and wars. It is preferable to be done via Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation, which has been established for this noble purpose. Zakat al-fitra can be placed in the [Foundation’s] allocated boxes.

Likewise, we must not forget Eid is the day for exchanging visits & congratulations, cleansing souls from hatred and enmity, accepting others with love and friendship, thus leading to an ideal coherent society. This is what the immaculate Imams (a.s.) urged their companions to do; as in the words of Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) to Abu Khadija: “How far are you from Basra?” He said: “By sea five days if the winds blow favourably and by land eight days.” He (a.s.) said: “How near this is! Visit and assure each other, for on the Day of Resurrection every person must have a witness who testifies on his religion.” Visiting brothers in God is eligible for great reward, as he (a.s.) also said: “Whoever visits his brother, Allah would say: You visited Me and your reward is upon Me and I am not content unless your reward is Paradise.

One of the most important rewards a believer gains from visiting his brothers is expiation of bad deeds and security from torment and elevation of rank, such that Imam al-Baqir (a.s.) said: Any believer who goes out to his brother knowing his rights, God records a good deed for him with every step and erases a bad one and elevates his rank one degree. When he knocks on the door the gates of heaven open for him. When they meet and embrace, God embraces them with his mercy and praises them with the angels and says: Look at my servants visiting and loving each other for my pleasure. I have the right not to torment them with fire. When the visiting believer leaves the house, angels would escort him with every breath, every step, every word and protect him - from the misfortunes of this life and the harms of the afterlife - until then same day next year, such that if he dies in between he will be exempt from the hereafter account. If the host realises the rights of his visitor then he would obtain the same rewards.”

We must continue this approach that we are accustomed to seek each other and maintain prayers on time because prayer is the pillar of religion, the measure of deeds, the pleasure of the Lord, the path of prophets, the cause of mercy, and the apple of the Prophet’s eyes (s.a.w.w.) that the aforementioned become a practice for us during the rest of the year without neglect, so we do not become a proof of the Almighty’s saying: ((And be not like a woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun, after it has become strong.)) Holy Qur’an 16:92

I also emphasis on young people who have learnt many activities during this month to use their time for supplications and Istighfar (seeking forgiveness), relating closely with the Holy Qur’an, frequenting mosques, and the need for behavioural and social connections and good conduct with others. We must compete to do good deeds as in the saying Imam Hussain (a.s.): “God Almighty made the month of Ramadan an arena for his creation, in which they compete for his obedience and contentment, so some people competed and triumphed, and others defaulted and failed. One wonders all the wonder upon he who laughs and plays on the day [of Eid] when the good-doers will be rewarded and the negligent disappointed.”

We remind Muslim communities in the West they can play a vital role in introducing Western societies to the message of love and peace that the Qur’an calls for by God Almighty saying ((Allah calls to the House of Peace)) Holy Qur’an 10:25 and “Peace” is one of the names of the Almighty. A commitment to this approach [peace] reveals the fabricated image that Takfiri currents are endeavouring to portray about Islam.

We must beware of being fascinated by what is broadcast by malicious media outlets and channels to damage our morals, demolish our homes, fight virtue, spread obscenity, and tear the family apart and all such sordid motives.

Oh God, include us in every good you have included Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, and take us out from every evil that you removed from Muhammad and the family of Muhammad (s.a.w.w.)

With good wishes for every year.