The representative of the Grand Marjey’ah in Europe urges Momineen and Mominate to revive the Hussaini rites whilst observing the legal health measures in place to protect their lives and the lives of other people.
25 Thulhijja 1441

‘O’ you Hussaini Mominoon and you Zainabi Mominate,

The season of Imam Abi Abdillah Al-Hussain (a.s.) will soon be here, with all its blessings and goodness in understanding the religion, deepening the affiliation and connection with its leaders and benefiting from its lessons and examples. Devout hearts & souls have begun preparing to welcome this great season, yearning for its blessed programs and offerings.

Although this season coincides with the largest pandemic of modern times, gripping the whole world, our belief in Imam Hussain (a.s.), and our determination to revive his rituals are far greater than all these circumstances and trials ... Why not! And Hussain is the secret behind the survival of the religion of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.w.) His sacrifice is the factor in the triumph and spread of this righteous religion, and his rituals are the most expressive testimony of the values of religion. Hussain (a.s.) is our emblem, our purpose and our means. We therefore draw Momineen’s attention to the following remarks:

1 - As in previous years, Momineen should spare no effort in reviving the rituals of Imam Hussein (a.s.) - in terms of quantity, quality, and by various ways - and give generously in order to make the rituals fierier, effective, and productive, starting with the commemoration and tearful Majalis, preaching and guidance lectures; to the mourning processions in their various forms, taking advantage of the technological capabilities available in order to broadcast the voice of Imam Hussein (a.s.) to the whole world, and get people acquainted with his blessed renaissance and his honourable path - to be enlightened by the light of his guidance, for “Hussein is the lamp of guidance and the ship of salvation” as reported from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.w.) It is essential to redouble efforts and increase spending and greater preparedness to do all this so that Ashura this year becomes better than last year (whoever has two days the same, then he is disadvantaged).

2- At the same time, Momineen must note the health and preventive measures imposed by official health authorities in each country. If not adhered to, not only will this be a clear violation of the authorities and their strict laws in this regard, but may also cause serious danger to the lives of Momineen participating in the Hussaini season. Failure to do so may be considered as negligence towards the lives of these Momineen, and if deliberate then it becomes a legal responsibility, and in some cases, it may be categorized as ‘Destruction of Others’ - therefore requiring assurances. Hence the fatwa of the leading Marja’iya and all other Maraji’ who declared the need to observe the [health] procedures.

Furthermore, among the lessons [learnt] from Hussain’s rise in Karbala, is careful and intelligent planning for the success of the activity. He (a.s.) was not overcome by emotional impulsion, rather he planned for his cause in the best way possible. So, in this case we do the same as him (a.s.). Because the life and health of Momineen are important, and because with proper planning and rationality our activities may be accomplished. We must adhere to the preventive and health measures imposed by official authorities, even if some of our freedoms are temporarily restricted. We may have to reduce the number of people attending programs, or to rely more on automated broadcasting and so on. This is harmless if it leads to doing the Husseini rites while preserving the lives of the Hussaini Momineen.

3- We must take advantage of the maximum potentials provided by health laws, while observing them at the same time. If the law prohibits small places, then let us prepare for large places or rent them, even on temporary bases for the ten days or so. Where a gathering in reasonable numbers is not prohibited one should take advantage of this and so on.

This does not therefore mean stopping Hussaini functions, or reducing interest, but rather that we increase efforts and allocate more time and money as well, and that we think about the means and methods by which these great rites are arranged - even whilst observing the laws. There is no doubt that this pandemic will make difficult that which was once easy. It is necessary to prepare and accept the difficulties and cost to revive these rituals and think about innovative ways and means to hold them in the best way possible, and assume all this with contentment, generosity and a loving heart for Hussain (a.s.).

We ask Allah Almighty to ward off this epidemic from the people, and to enable us to follow the path of Al-Hussain (a.s.), and to revive us by reviving his rituals and his cause, for Allah is capable of everything.