The Representative of the High authority in Europe congratulates the Muslims and states his condolences.
He congratulates Muslims for the auspicious of Eid al-Fitr and expresses his condolences for those who were martyred in Afganistan and Palestine.
He has asked all Muslims to help them and pray for the injured individuals.
Moreover, he has requested Muslim leaders, the International NGO, and the United Nations to condemn those atrocities committed during the holy month of Ramadhan.
29 Ramadan 1442

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, and the tragic events that have happened during this year, amongst others from the beginning of last year, i.e., Covid-19 pandemic, the despicable attack on Imam Hussain school in Afganistan, and the barbaric attack on the Palestinian, the Sayed has said:

First: The Islamic Moral system has adopted two big feasts: Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.
The reason is that because they come after the completion of great missions and big tasks.
Eid al-Adha comes in the midst of performing hajj rituals, and during the pilgrim, one feels proud and cheerful to perform the obligatory ritual of spending the day in ‘Arafah and the night in Muzdalifah, as one is on the way to accomplish the rest of the hajj rituals and celebrates this occasion as a feast thanking Allah for the compliance with the divine duties.
Eid al-Fitr follows the completion of a significant task at the end of fasting in compliance with the Almighty order - an entire month of Ramadhan.
Thus, one also feels the joy and confidence of success during this test.
So Eid is not only a social occasion, but as - in accordance to - what some wise people say: "Eid is not for those who wear new clothes, but the feast is strictly for those who are assured that they are spared from Hell-fire."

Second: Reviving the connection to the Almighty
In the atmosphere of the joy of Eid, man revives the remembrance of the Almighty Allah (SWT), so that Eid would not remain a social event, but an occasion to revive the values and principles, and an occasion of joy with the conjuring of humane values and elevated principles.
Hence, the orders of performing the prayer of Eid are a reminder of God and those related values and principles - and the two sermons after Eid prayers.
The two ceremonies are meant for preaching, education, and guidance.

Third: Charity to the needy
Islam has advised beginning the day of Eid al-Fitr with paying [zakat] alms, as it is the Qur’anic saying: "Indeed one is a winner, if paying alms"), which contributes to forming a friendly and peaceful relationship with other members of the Muslim community, fights poverty and starvation, and gives the Holy month of Ramadan, particularly Eid a unique characteristic, which is the characteristic of sympathy with poor individuals and social care that fills the hearts of the poor with joy and making them happy.

Fourth: Social networking
It is achieved through attending Eid prayers, performing the recommended mutual visits, and exchanging congratulations, especially with the relatives and with those whom one has cut all ties with in the past, as it is narrated about this when they (as) have said: "carry on your relationship even with those who have cut all ties.
" Your relatives who are keeping communication with you, if you contact them during Eid and the like, you will be rewarded, but your rewards are greater if you initiate the communication with those who have cut their ties with you.
Even with the rest of the community members, if one goes to those who keep contacts, then one is rewarded, but the greatest reward is to go visiting those who do not come to you, to motivate them and encourage them to put an end to cutting ties and to make them feel the importance of communication.

Fifth: Spreading joy and challenging sorrows and calamities
Life is full of tests, challenges, and hardships for every human being, whether at the individual, social, national, or global levels.
However, one must not succumb to tragedies and overwhelming sorrows but must maintain constant hope because the constant hope is beneficial on individual and social levels.
It is narrated from Imam Ali (as) that he had said: "Joy simplifies the soul and stimulates activity, and the sorrow catches the soul and extinguishes the happiness).
Thus one should not live with grief and sadness.
Any culture that maintains people's lives in constant sadness is a false and gloomy culture.
One of the objectives of the feasts and Eids’ celebrations is to break the gloomy reality and open hope for a prosperous, bright future without prevailing sorrows within individual and social spheres, thus leading one to react positively to Eid.
A healthy religion emphatically encourages the spread of joy and happiness among society members.
In a hadith from the Messenger Muhammad (SWT), we read: “In paradise, there’s a house called ‘The House of Joy’, which is only allowed to be entered for those who have boys feel joyful”.
Thus one is about to encourage the healthy upbringing of children, and that the individuals of society would be interested in promoting an atmosphere of joy and happiness for children.
The more children live in a healthy environment of joy, playful and enjoyment, and the better are the chances for proper psychological development, which shall contribute to the best development and healthy growth of feelings.
There’re many narrations, which urge to spread joy and happiness at the individual and social levels.
It has been narrated from Imam Ali (as) a statement where he states: "I swear by the One, who hears all voices with Mercy, if anyone has made others happy and joyful, Almighty Allah will -for sure- create [an angel for] joy and support to that person, so that it would ease his difficulties, until they were expelled away from him.
” Imam Sadiq (as) says – as it was narrated from him- that: "If a Muslim has made a Muslim happy, indeed Almighty Allah (SWT) will please him.
” The spreading of happiness and joy in any society is required, due to its positive psychological, while its physically healthy and general social effects are significant.
However, may Almighty Allah (SWT) curse those who -during this year- have mixed the joyful Eid -of Muslims- with deep sorrows, which were overwhelming for the free souls.
On the one hand, dozens of people were killed and wounded in Afghanistan while they were fasting, and the time of their martyrdom was near [iftar] breaking their fasting by a malicious and hateful group, who are devoid of any human as well as Islam.
Being devoid of any humanity is obvious, and being perfectly Non-Muslims is because Islam is the religion of mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance.
However, those felons and criminals commit this heinous crime -before [iftar] the time of breaking fasting- against young girls, who were like roses, lavenders, and dandelions.
Suddenly their families and all Muslims have been shocked and deeply wounded.
Besides this tragedy, we were surprised by the sudden attack on the unarmed Palestinian people with rockets and bombs without mercy, nor any leniency! Due to those despicable attacks, many men, women, and children were mercilessly slaughtered, falling with the bloodbath of martyrdom.
It is hoped that international Human Rights organizations, International NGOs, United Nations, Muslim leaders, and rulers will condemn this flagrant violation and brutal attack on innocent people without respecting the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan.

We humbly ask Almighty Allah, due to the blessings of these days, as well as the sanctity of this feast [Eid al-fitr], to ease this calamity and turn it away from this Muslim Nation, as indeed He is all-responding and all-hearing.