The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe, says on the eve of the tenth of Muharram, the night associated with the suckling infant ‘Abdullah’ :
• The survival secret of the Shia faith lies in the revolution of Imam Hussein (a.s.) and the efforts of the Marja’iyah.
• Hussein’s (a.s.) revolution is divine in aim, civilized in motives.
• Hussein (a.s.) obliterated the principle of the ruler and established the principle of the condemned.
• Hussein (a.s.) destroyed the Umayyid’s dreams and demolished their structure, which was built on a destructive foundation.
• Hussein (a.s.) is the reserve fuel for the machine of Islam and a safety valve for its survival.
• Each year, the number of Hosseini Majalis in various parts of the western, eastern and African world increases considerably. This year the number of Majalis in London, in various languages, reached 37.
• Stressed on parents to preserve their children’s Arabic language and Islamic identity.
9 of Muharram 1436 AH

Sayyid Kashmiri opened his speech on the eve of the tenth of Muharram by the verse: That [is so]. And whoever honours the symbols of Allah - indeed, it is from the piety of hearts (Holy Qur’an 22:32)

He said there is no doubt the best way to honour the symbols is through Hussaini rituals in accordance with what is permitted by Shari’ah and supported by the Grand Maraji’ may Allah endear them all.

Among the most prominent of these rituals is the convening of Hussaini Majalis and reminding the public of what happened to Hussain (a.s.) on the day of Ashura and by stating the secrets of his movement which was neither motivated by personal nor emotional aims. Nor was it motivated by national or tribal issues or vengeance. Rather, it’s aim was a reformist one – in line with the aims of the prophets and the righteous such as Noah and Abraham and Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them all) and those who follow their path. Thus in the Ziyarate he (a.s.) deserves to be addressed as: “Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Adam the choice of Allah, Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Noah the prophet of Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Abraham the intimate friend of Allah.” Because the secret of the mission of the prophets (a.s.) is to reform and to establish truth, refute falsehood, promote virtue and forbid evil - as we see in Imam Hussain’s (a.s.) first statement to his brother Mohammad Ibne-Hanafiyah: “I have not risen to spread evil or to show off..Rather, I have left to restore the teachings of my grandfather Muhammad…(peace be upon him).”

Because Bani Umayyah had rendered the Halal of Allah Haram and the Haram of Allah Halal. They took Allah’s servants for imbeciles, saying to those who opposed them: “He who says his mind to us we will say this to him with our swords – meaning either obeying and doing what they say or be killed – which is the logic of our enemies these days as we can see and hear.

And so, the Ummah at the time of Bani Umayyah became a motionless body, a corpse. Hussain (a.s.) with his revolution gave it life and determination.

He obliterated the principle of the ruler and with his blessed blood placed a dam in front of the deluge of Umayyi ignorance, destroying their dreams and what they built. For this reason we see that after Hussain (a.s.) was killed, people’s emotions and hearts orientated towards Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) and were disgusted and hated Bani Umayyah. Ali ibn Al-Hussain (a.s.) and Mohammad Al-Baqir and Jaffar Al-Sadiq (peace be upon them) were able to consecrate these emotions and open the school of Islam and build a devout and faithful cadres to be a living core for the path of the condemned. And so, this is how the Shia faith and the love of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) evolved and their school of thought triumphed; such that Imam Jaffar ibn Mohammd Al-Sadiq (a.s.) succeeded in educating a cluster of men like: Aban ibn Talghab and Zarareh ibn A’youn and Mohammad ibn Muslim Al-Thaqafi and Abu Bassir – each one of whom was able to memorize thirty thousand narrations, but how !. The Imam (a.s.) was able to obtain such cadres for this blessed school, all from the blood of Hussain (a.s.) who gave freedom and allowed Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) to breathe some air and establish their school and show their entity to the Ummah. May Allah’s praise be upon you O great conqueror (Hussain) the day you were born and the day you were martyred and the day you will be resurrected.

Death lied for Hussain is Immortalized Whenever time is immortalized [he is] revived

And on this line the Marja’iyah advanced since the time of the Major Occultation (Al-Ghaibatul Kobra). It became a dam and a safety valve for the Shia faith when the true religion is exposed to danger; standing like a fortified wall against the dangers challenging it. If it were not for the efforts of Sahykh Al-Mufid and Sayyid Murtadha and his brother Shaykh Al-Tusi and Sayyid Al-Yazdi and Sayyid Al-Shirazi and Shaykh Al-Shariah Al-Isfahani and the rest of our great Maraji’ till our present day, the religion and its pillars would have crumbled. Had it not been for leading Marja’iyah’s recent stance and its blessed wake-up call to the Iraqi people to defend their sanctities their Hawzas and their land you would have seen the map of Iraq altered and the country returned to the ignorance of centuries gone-bye. Because the enemies have been preparing for a good while; recruiting their devils and scattered cells here and there. Along comes the call of the leading Marja’iyah to demolish whatever they built and planned for. All those billions in funds were lost and the deceitful efforts blown by the wind. Thus we see the same thing in the case of Imam Hussein (a.s.) today, where the enemies are planning, spending money and recruiting men to quash it. This fact was highlighted by Zainab (a.s.) in her sermon in Damascus when she said:
“O Yazid you may contrive and try however much you can. By Him who honoured us with revelation, the Book and Prophethood, you cannot achieve our status, nor reach our position, nor can you eradicate our mention.” She (a.s.) also said to her nephew Al-Sajjad (a.s.) when the captives were paraded among the dead bodies:
يابن اخي فوالله ان هذا لعهد من الله الى جدك وابيك ولقد اخذ الله ميثاق اناس لا تعرفهم فراعنة هذه الارض وهم معروفون في اهل السماء انهم يجمعون هذه الاعضاء المقطعه والجسوم المضرجه فيوارونها وينصبون في هذا الطف علما لقبر ابيك سيد الشهداء لا يدرس اثر ولا يمحى رسمه على كرور الليالي والايام وليجتهدن ائمة الكفر واشياع الظلاله في محوه وتطميسه فلا يزداد اثره الا علوا.

Finally, with quick glance at various parts of the world, one would be amazed at the number of Hussaini Majalis taking place all over the globe; in the east and west, from Australia to New Zealand, Asia and Africa and the Americas, north and south and the Caribbean. In the city of London a number of 37 Majalis were held in Centers and organizations. This is without counting the Majalis held in private houses and other places. They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. (Holy Quran 9:32)
It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although they who associate others with Allah dislike it. (Holy Quran 9:33)