The representative of the leading Marja’iyah:
• Calls on scholars, preachers and Imams of Islamic centers to take advantage of the way of life of Sayyida Al-Zahra (s.a.) and her approach in raising the next generation.
• Demands them to educate young people to commit themselves to the fundamentals of their religion and faith and not deviate from the path of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) and to preserve their religious and cultural identity.
• To avoid watching and monitoring social media that show, exchange and disseminate terrorism, takfiri and sectarian material.
• Scholars and preachers should beseech the Almighty the Exalted to grant victory to Iraq and the Iraqi people against their terrorist and takfiri enemies.
22 Jumada II 1436

On the occasion of the birth of the Sayyida of the Worlds’ ladies (s.a.), the representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe, Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri, in a message from his hospital bed, regrets that due to requiring sudden medical treatment he is unable to be with them– hoping that Allah Almighty will grant him good health soon so he can meet them again.

In his message, he pointed to the importance of the role of the Ullema [scholars] in this day and the need for them to draw on the knowledge and perceptions of Al-Zahra (s.a.) and convey it to everyone. I cannot hastily refer to this knowledge and perception that can only be fathomed by those of understanding. When the immaculate Imam says: “We are proof from God for the people and my grandmother Fatima is proof from God for us.” Therefore take heed from her ways for your present and future, for your men and women. I remind you to pay attention to our youth because the enemies are trying to target them to achieve their satanic aims. We thank God that we are shielded by the leading Marja’iyah and you are messengers of this shield. So, protect your boys and girls and your society from this endemic scourge that leads them to terrorism and takfir. Know that if your leading Marja’iyah had not taken such a stand to counter this satanic attack there would be no place for Muslims or their sanctities neither in Iraq nor elsewhere.

We rely on you to advise and guide all levels of society.

((And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, "Indeed, I am of the Muslims.")) Holy Qur’an 41:33

Wassalamu alaikum warahamtullahi wabaraktoh

After this phone message, Allamah Shaykh Dhia Zain-Uddin, Trustee of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (a.s.) took the podium and spoke about the stature of Al-Zahra (a.s.) and the duty of preachers, especially in the west and urged them to seek knowledge and continue their work.

Next Hujjatul-Islam Dr. Sayyid Fadhil Al-Milani, Imam of Al-Khoei Islamic Center spoke about the necessity of transcending dubiosity and adhering to the Halal and Haraam. He also called for education and cultivation the self.

The following speaker was Hujjatul-Islam Shaykh Alemi, Imam of the Universal Islam Center of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.). Speaking in Farsi, he began with the following narration (riwaya) from the messenger of Allah (s.a.w.w.): “He who is bestowed with knowing my Ahlul-Bayt, Allah bestows him with all the goodness that there is.” He continued to highlight the importance of this narration and its significance and the necessity to follow the path of Ahlul-Bayt and understand the tone of their words in order to raise peoples’ awareness from all walks of life and to consider the different levels of intelligence in society – as in the following narration: “Speak to people according to the level of intelligence.”

Afterwards, Hujjatul-Islam wal Muslimeen Shaykh Zafar Abbas took the podium to welcome this invitation by Imam Ali (a.s.) Foundation and thanked his brother Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri for the opportunity to have this gathering every year – acknowledging the grace of Allamah Shaykh Dhia Zain-Uddin, Trustee of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (a.s.), praying for his good health and safe return to Najaf.

In his speech he noted that Al-Zahra (s.a.) reach a stature that cannot be described by anyone except by her immaculate sons (a.s.). Her virtues filled Hadith books from her father the prophet (s.a.w.w.) before her sons were born and ended in Hadiths by her sons. Her life was full of lessons and experiences which can benefit generations, especially Muslim ladies. The scholars and preachers should therefore convey the message of Al-Zahra (s.a.) to Muslim women so they may adhere to her advice and guidance because she is ideal for them.

Finally, the gathering ended with everyone raising their hands to pray for all the sick people to get well – especially those wounded Mujahideen, the mobilized and security forces in Iraq and for Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri and Allamah Shaykh Dhia Zain-Uddin and to protect the Hawzas and Maraji’ (may Allah grant them long life).