The representative of the leading Marja’iyah emphasizes on the following:
• The leading Marja’iyah’s rejection of the plans to divide and partition Iraq and demands the political entities to determine their position from this blind Fitna aimed at breaking up Iraq and its unity and disseminating hateful sectarianism to tear it apart.
• If world politicians and rulers followed the Imam of fairness and justice, Imam Ali (a.s) in their dealings with the people there would be neither deprivation nor injustice on earth.
• The month of Rajab is one of the sacred months and the acts of worship in it, if practiced, revitalizes the believer’s heart.
• Young people must commit to their religion and faith and preserve their Islamic identity and not be affected by corrupt and deviant ideas.
12 Rajab 1436

Speaking at the Jum’a prayers sermon in Copenhagen he said: “We are in the month of Rajab when good deeds are multiplied and bad deeds are erased - if the believer is sincere when praying, fasting, supplicating, repenting and giving Sadaqa as well as in the other A’mal of this month which are available in supplication books. Because we are living in a materialistic world, away from moral values, we do not see that which reminds us of God Almighty and draws us nearer to Him; thus the emphasis on these recommended (mustahabat) acts of worship to motive the believer to link with the Almighty creator; especially the devout youth who are the hope of the future and a source of peace on earth.” (لولا أطفال رضع، وشيوخ ركع، وبهائم رتع.. لصببت العذاب على أهل الأرض صبا)

Addressing the young people in the congregation he said: “Do not be influenced by the corrupt atmosphere that deviates you from your religion and faith. Commit yourself to the approach drawn out for us by our Imams (a.s.) who stressed upon us to be true advocates of Islam by our actions before our words so that we can enlighten others and guide them to what is good for their religion and for their life.”

Allamah Kashmiri also reiterated the stance of the leading Marja’iyah in Najaf on refusing plans to partition and dismember Iraq. He said: “This plane is a breach of international law because it is interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and would lead to religious and nationalist sectarianism which would be detrimental to the unity of Iraq and its people.”

He called upon those in position of authority to transcend their selfishness and personal gains and not be influenced by threats and pressures and to consider the interest of their country to be above all and every aim so that history shall remember them and their noble stance. The leading Marja’iyah’s current position [refusing plans to partition the country] is only for the good of Iraq, its rulers and people and that is the Marja’iyah’s main concern.

He then pointed to the anniversary these days of the birth of the Imam of the disadvantaged and the vulnerable, Ali Amirul-Momineen (a.s.), who ruled with justice and fairness (people are of two kinds; either your brother in religion or your equal in creation). If everyone browsed through the life of this just Imam (a.s.) they would find what would motivates them to forbid injustice to others. For this we see the Imam (a.s.) did not save anything from this world either for himself or for his children saying:
( فو الله ما ملكت من دنياكم تبرا ولا ادخرت من غنائمها وفرا ولا اعددت لبالية ثوبي طمرا ... )

O rulers of the world and politicians, this is the supreme example - so follow it. Be fair to your people and follow the approach of Imam Ali (a.s.) if you want God and your own people to be pleased with you.