Al-Marjiiya representative in Europe
• Confirms to the Ulama (scholars) in the United Kingdom to keep caring for bringing up the youth religiously and ideologically through holding weekly meetings in the centres and foundations and teaching them the Qur’an.
• Parents must encourage their family members to attend to the Islamic centres, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan for the maintaining their religion and belief.
• confirming the benefit from spiritual atmospheres in the holy month of Ramadan by reading the Qur’an and the specific supplications
20 Shabaan 1436 H.

He delivered his speech shortly after sayyid al-Kishmiry has received the prominent scholar Hujatul al-Islam Mudhfar Abass as being elected a new president for the Ulama Council in Uk and Europe. The Council have exposed to him the requirements, the difficulties of preaching and the financial difficulties facing the Council day after day because of the increase of the Community members, stating the limited financial support which they receive, and because of this financial shortage, they are unable to carry out their preaching duty to the Community. He promised to offer what is available for managing their work for another renewable year. He also persuaded them for giving their utmost attention to the youth who are the future hope by establishing recreational programs which would help to divert them from going to places that destroy their innate knowledge and weaken their belief and morality.

He suggested to them that each centre there should be a separate program for this purpose and for both sexes, in addition to encouraging them to read the Qur’an and maintaining the Arabic Language and establishing recreational camps during Summer holidays and creating program for them such as congressional prayers, delivering lectures that cement their religious abilities, encouraging them by awarding them, and advising parents to encourage members of their family by persuading them to attend such programs, clarifying to them the parental duty is not limited to the financial support and providing them with clothes, provisions and drinks and achieving high levels in the academic schools, but also taking care of religious and belief issues that they shall be held responsible at the dooms day.

And as we are approaching the month of Ramadan, we should benefit from the spiritual atmospheres of this month. This is the month of blessing and awareness and spiritual feeding through the continuity of maintaining prayers by fulfilling them in their right times and reciting the verses of the Qur’an and supplications received from UhulBait (peace be upon them) that refresh the hearts and clear them of their dirt. The messenger of Allah (P.B U H) quoted saying, “ These hearts rust as iron rusts when it touches water. He was asked, “What clean them?” He answered, “By Always remembering death and reciting the Qur’an.”

We ask Allah to lead us to maintain prayers, and read His Book as He is the leader to success.