Sayyid Al-Kishmiriy says:
• Imam Al-sadiq (P.B.U.H) has not involved in the administration of the Islamic State of his age because of the absence of the proper objective circumstances, and the legitimate necessity has forced him to highlight the distinguished rightful Islamic marks at many different levels according to Ulul Bait’s (prophet Muhammad’s progeny, (P.B.U.T) manner.
• Today the religious Marji’yya follow the prophet’s (May Allah bless him) footsteps and his pure progeny (P.B.U.T) in calling for fairness, attainment of social justice at all levels, helping the weak and the oppressed and fighting corruption.
• Al-Marji’yya’s role at present is of consultation, guidance and for identifying the deficiency and incapability of the state performance, and those in authority have to abide by their constitutional duties which people have elected them for. 5th of
Thilqi’da 1436H.

This is part of a speech delivered at the Congregational Prayer in the Centre of Heritage in Berlin, in reply to a question that was put to him by some attendants regarding the non-involvement of Imam Al-Sadiq (P.B.U.H) in the rule of his age. He replied by saying:

Imam Al-Sadiq (P.B.U.H) has decided not to confront the rule and become the political ruler of his age because of the absence of the real supporters and defenders that the Imam required as he has explained to Al-Hassan bin Suhail, Sadeer al-Sairafy, Abu Muslim Al-Khurasaany and others, because those who did not have very detailed knowledge and understanding of the reality and its complexities came to the Imam and expressed their opposition to his stand by asking, “Are you permitted to keep silent about the issue i.e. the rule while you have at your disposal such and such supporters?” Those are Similar to the oppositions and misunderstanding that are raised against the stand of the Grand Marji’ya at these days without realising the real reasons. Al-Marji’ya is completely aware of the reality because of their constant monitoring for the world events and events in Iraq in order to pinpoint the necessary measures that must be taken and draw the attention of those in authority to their defectiveness or failure in carrying out their duties to the people who are fed from the procrastination and empty promises. Our Grand Marji’na, among them the present Grand Marji’ya, do not need to be guided as they are fully aware what it should be done. Al-Marji’ya have the insight into their rightful duty, following the prophet’s road (May Allah bless him) and members of his pure family, but for the one who is ignorant of his duty and is short-sighted and does not have the detailed knowledge would hastily oppose the stand as it happened with the prophet’s companions who had stood against Al-Hudaibiya peace treaty, and those who had opposed Imam Al-Hassan’s peace conclusion with his enemy, taking into consideration that Imam Al-Hussain had abided by it. Imam Al-Hussain commented on that peace accord by saying, ”Imam Al-Hassan’s peace making with Mu’wiya and his associates is similar to his grandfather’s (the prophet’s) peace treaty with Quraish, and it is understood that the reality here is as the reality there, and Imam Al-Hussain’s stand during Al-Taff day (Kerballa battle) is similar to his grandfather’s one in the defence of Islam.

In conclusion, Sayyid Al-Kishmiry said we must learn the lesson from our infallibles (P.B.U.T) and their deputies during the occultation that was full of all divine victories for cementing the pillars of Islam and the manners of guidance for human beings.

In the end, the attendants raised their hands humbly in supplication for the victory of Islam and its defenders and for hastening the reappearance of Allah’s legal guardian of Islam.