The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe:
• Condoles the Islamic world on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Fatima-tul-Zahra (s.a) and highlights extracts from her status.
• Emphasises upon Islamic centers and establishments in Europe to commemorate the Al-Zahra season during these days.
11 Jamada I 1437

He was speaking on the occasion of the anniversary of her martyrdom coinciding with Monday 22 to 24 February. He began his speech with the Hadith from the holy prophet (s.a.w.w.):

Fatima is the joy of my heart and her sons are its fruit and her husband is the light of my vision and the Imams from her sons are the trustees of Allah and His extended rope between Him and His creation, whoever clings to it [the rope] will survive and whoever doesn’t will fall.

She was the woman who occupied a position never before ascended to by any woman or man for that matter – unless they were of her and from her, namely; the immaculate ones. As the prophet (s.a.w.w.) said: Many men have reached perfection but only four women reached that status; Assia the daughter of Muzahim, Pharaoh’s wife, and Mary the daughter of Imran, and Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid, and Fatima daughter of Muhammad (s.a.w.w.)

Fatima-tul-Zahra represented a major focal point of the great three-dimensional divine mission: Muhammad (s.a.w.w.) Ali (a.s.) Fatima (s.a)

Her father founded the prophethood, a messenger from Allah Almighty for the human race. He husband Ali (a.s.), was the prophet’s beloved guardian and his and his religion’s defender and the father of the immaculate Imams (a.s.). Fatima-tul-Zahra is the link between the prophethood and Imamate. She (s.a.) was the upper arm of religion and vehemently defended the divine message; giving all she owned, even her life for the sake of her word and her stance, which is the difference between right and wrong.

When we want to document the greatness of Fatima-tul-Zahra (s.a.) we have a flood of Qura’nic and narrative texts and various sources of history that glorified and showed her character and status (s.a.). The Qura’nic verses of ‘Al-Tat’heer’, Al-Mawadd’ah, Al-Mubahala, Al-Abrar and Al-Ita’am are all significant and unequivocal signs of the greatness of Al-Zahra (s.a.). These verses and others refer to the status and greatness of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.), namely; Fatima and her father and husband and their children.

In the verse of Al-Tat’heer, as mentioned by Al-Hakem in his Mustadrak (vol:3, p:146) from a narration by Umm Selemeh, authenticated in Al-Bukhari, in my house [i.e.the prophet’s house] was revealed: .... And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family .... (holy Qur’an 33:33) The same is related from A’isha in Sahih Muslim (vol:7, p:130). Similarly all other verses leave no doubt about her magnificent status. As for texts, there are many frequent ones in the Sunni and Shi’a books, some of which we mentioned above.

Indeed, Al-Zahra (s.a.) was a role model in her connection with Allah (s.w.t.). She stood in her Mihrab until her feet became swollen – a lesson for us in worship. In her marital life she was an ideal example for the believing Muslim woman and a leader for all women. She lived with the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) sharing with him life’s trials and tribulations, content with that which Allah has destined for her; such that Imam Ali (a.s.) said: “By Allah I have not angered her or hated her for anything until Allah took her soul, and she did not anger me or disobey me for anything. When I used to look at her my worries and sorrows would subside.”

She conceals her sorrow and tribulations after the demise of her father, the prophet (s.a.w.w.). She used to sit by the grave of her father, as narrated by Ibn Qudaamah in the Mugh’ni and other sources, and say:

He who smells the earth of Ahmad
shall never taste joy
Misfortunes have been poured upon me,
if poured upon the days, they would turn into nights.

On this sad occasion we must be inspired and learn lessons from the life of Fatima-tul-Zahra (s.a.) and side with whom she sided with and disown whom she disowned; as the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.w.) said: “Allah is please with what pleases her and angered with what angers her.” Also he (s.a.w.w.) said to Imam Ali (a.s.): “By Allah she is the Leading Lady of the world’s women, she is Maryam Al-Kubra, and let it be known that I am please with whom my daughter Fatima is pleased with - also my Lord and the angles, and woe be to those who mistreated her and blackmailed her rights - Oh Allah I am innocent of them.”

Therefore, we call upon Islamic centers and institutions in Europe to commemorate this sad anniversary these days in a manner befitting the status of Al-Zahra (s.a.) so as to console her father the prophet (s.a.w.w.) and his guardian, her husband, and her sons, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain (peace be upon them both) and her progeny the immaculate Imams (peace be upon them).

Peace be upon Fatima and her father, husband and her children and the well kept secret in her.

May Allah join us all with her on the Day of Judgment
He is All Hearing and Answers Prayers.