The representative of the leading Marja’iya concluded his tour of Canada and said:
• The community workers should seek to unite and put aside their differences. • Taklief of females before the males is an honour bestowed upon them from the Lord Almighty.
• Islam’s noble view of women is in delegating them the most important institution in society.
• The Hijab of a woman preserves her from humiliation.
• Ali (a.s.) is the most trustworthy hand-held grasp and the right path.
• Our problems are caused by the lack of adherence to the approach of the Commander of the Faithfull (a.s.)
• Officials in Iraq should stick to the recommendations of the leading Marja’iya in Najaf.
17 Rajab 1437

The representative of the leading Marja’iya in Europe, Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri, ended his Canadian tour in Toronto on the eve of the 25th of April 2016, achieving the objectives of his visit to all mosques, centres, institutions, schools and cemeteries in all of Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton. He met with Islamic communities of different nationalities seeking to unite and remove existing differences between them.

Allamah Sayyid Al-Kashmiri’s final visit was to Al-Hoda School, affiliated to Imam Al-Khoei Center, where he met with Shaykh Baqeri, who is the Imam and in charge of all the activities there; listening to his detailed explanation regarding the Center. He also met with the teaching staff at the Center and expressed his recommendations to them on how to deal with students and take care of them. He explained the attention the leading Marja’iya in Najaf gives to young people and students wishing them to attain the highest academic degrees to be privileged over others and to stand out in society.

He attended the celebrations held by the students on the occasion of the birth of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) which coincided with the celebration held for girls reaching the age of Taklief – explaining to them how the Almighty has now, before their male counterparts, made them equal with their parents in performing obligatory acts of worship and that this, in itself, is an honour for them. This shows how much Islam cares about women – contrary to the illusions others have on the oppression of women in Islam by imposing hijab on them, which is only to maintain their chastity and protect them from the sick people out there.

While others looked for the charms and body of the woman, such that we see in annual beauty contests in every country; we rarely see contests for women based on their intellectual spiritual, scientific, cultural and educational excellence – when women are the ones who lead the most important institution for making future generations. The mother is a school if properly prepared she will prepare a good nation.

So where does this noble vision of Islam on women stand in comparison with others ?

He also praised the role of students because they are today’s youth and tomorrow’s men, who will carry the message of Islam in this region and elsewhere in the world. He asked them to be good role models for others in their behaviour and moral conduct and thus be distinguished from other by their assiduity and industriousness.

He also visited the school’s class-rooms and its scientific lab, and as aforementioned, participated in the celebration on the birth of the Commander of the faithful (a.s.) who is the most trustworthy hand-held grasp for those who stick to his path – which is the path of the Muhammadi message - and that, allegiance and affection for him and his family (The Ahlul-Bayt - a.s.) was imposed upon creation and is the sign of faith as in the verse: ((...Say: "No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin."...)) Holy Qur’an 42:23
On the same night the Allamah also visited Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) Center and talked about the good example embodied in Imam Ali (a.s.) and in his faith, behaviour and approach. He said: “It would have been better for those who claim to belong to the school of Imam Ali (a.s.) to follow his ways (a.s.), especially those who have held official positions in Iraq and did not abide by his ways (a.s.) - as expressed by the recommendations of the leading Marja’iya – to adhere to the path of Amirul-Momineen (a.s.) because of his authority over the lands.” The Allamah was optimistic that recent efforts in Iraq to improve the situation and correct security and social matters in the country will result in a good government that can achieve the goals of the oppressed Iraqi people. He finally asked those present to pray to alleviate these sorrows from this nation.