The Representative of Authority in Europe meets all Ulemas, Muballighin (informants) and Imams of the Islamic centers in the United Kingdom and says:
1. Authentic Muhammadi Islam faces today intellectual and military attack to discredit its ideological and cultural identity.
2. He appeals the Ulemas and Muballighin (informants) in the Muslim world to bear legal responsibility at present to bring the young people, get them closer and feed them with the essence of faith by adhering to the Koran and purifying Sunnah while taking the path of the pure ancestry to whom God gave abomination of filth and purified them.
3. The Ulemas and Muballighin (informants) must focus on Islamic unity between Muslims, which is the mystery of their existence.
4. The eminent authorities are the pioneers of the Islamic unity and Imam Sistani (L.M.H.L) is the model of this era.
7 Shabaan 1437

He gave this speech on the occasion near the anniversary of the birth of the Twelfth Imam (AS) and near the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, where the annual meeting with all of the Imams and Muballighin (informants) of the Islamic centers in Britain takes place. He started his speech with a quote of Imam Mousa al-Kazhim (AS) who said (a learned scholar who rescues one of our orphans - those who are deprived of us and of seeing us - by teaching him something useful is, to Iblis, graver than a thousand worshippers).

And quoting our Imam Hassan Askari (AS), he said: My father told me about his ancestors, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and said: (More than an orphan who lost his mother and his father is an orphan cut off from his Imam who is not able to reach him and does not know his rule on the canons of his religion. Then the one of our Shiite community knows our science, and this ignorant of our science who cannot see us is an orphan in his room, and the one who guides and instructs him on our law is with us in the higher ranks).
How great this wage, how better this task and how profitable this trade.

Then is eminence briefly explained the content of the two of Hadith and indicated their clear and express meaning, in the age of Absence, concerning the responsibility of Ulemas and Muballighin (informants) who should raise their Islamic communities especially young people, and bring them to the path of the Islamic law while stating of the essence of faith to them, so that they won’t be lost. They shall be guided by the teachings of the infallible Imams (AS) who stressed on delivering their science to the orphans of Muhammad. If said orphans learned such science they will love it and love us and they shall be guided to the right path, especially in this age of widespread of misguided and deviant ideas that are now causing the deformation of their faith through the shed of the devil and his demons on the weak of our community (as stated in the Hadeeth ). Same can be said on the toxins spread through the social media sites and others, to dissipate the belief of our children. Therefore we should give them the weapon of faith and belief by holding seminaries and sessions for them on weekly basis in the centers and institutions, and keeping them interested attendees while encouraging their presence and attendance, especially for the weekend lessons, or organizing recreational trips where useful lectures are delivered to immunize them against deviant thoughts.

He told the audience: This is your legal responsibility and you will be judged on the day of resurrection if you fail to educate the young people. This is stated in the Hadeeth quoting the infallible (AS) (Take the initiative to teach the Hadith to your youngsters before they learn it from the misguided), Al Murji’ah (misguided being a band that used to lead people out the path of guidance. the Prophet (PBUH) also urged to take the initiative to teach the children the steady Mohammadi educational approach when he said (PBUH) (Educate your children on three, the love of your prophet, and his family, and teach them the Koran). We have to save our children from these delusions and deviant tendencies, and recommend them to refine their morals, clarify their inside and stay away from the vices.

Then the assurance came in a lot of verses and sayings of the Great Prophet (PBUH) and the blessed guiding Imams (AS) on the important fact that humanity will not obtain her happiness, without straightening the behavior and self-control. As to the tragedies and horrors and problems moaning humanity in the present time, they are nothing but examples of the decline of morality and focus on the only physical demands. And here appears the necessity of virtuous education based on refinement of the individual and the community together, with the first step in this area starting from the family that relies on the rules of love and brotherhood and altruistic and virtuous ideals, which help to create a society heading toward virtue. On the opposite, incoherent families will lack ethics and virtues, which adversely affect the community. Then every young or old, man or woman, whether employed or unemployed, carries the slogan of being an ambassador of Islam in the West countries. Thus comes the invitation to the principles of Islam in practice and behavior and not in the empty speech (Be advocates of us without your tongues). And we have to infuse awareness in our young people and warn them from falling into the trap of the shadows, which is highlighted by the authority today encouraging the faithful in the West to build schools in front of the centers, where Muslims learn their faith and their history, in order to preserve their cultural identity.

This audience should know that the true Mohammadi Islam fights today in two dangerous ways: intellectual and military.

The first: The host of enemies represent a cadre of bad Ulemas who disfigure the truth of Islam, by falsifying Hadithes and attributing them to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), through satellite channels and hired writers and the means of communications, persuasion, intimidation and dissemination of lies and defamation with sowing doubt in the minds of young people, so that some of them is becoming free of every religion and resorting to secularism and to other religions.

The second: (military way), by planting sectarian sedition and issuing expiatory fatwas to incite Muslims to fighting among themselves, which is the process carried out by terrorist groups today.

His Eminence also stressed that the aware Ulemas should be keen on the unity of Muslims, in the way of Ahl al-Bayt (Prophet’s family) (AS) and on the biography of our righteous Ulemas who adopted this approach throughout the ages and left us wonderful models since they were pioneers of unity and rapprochement and coexistence between Muslims. In fact, they were bound by the closest relations with the Ulemas of other Islamic doctrines and their personalities, even though in their ages there were herds, categories and groups practicing discrimination and terrorism. However, despite this cacophony, the aware Ulemas were bearing their liability and responsibility towards this religion.

One of these models is Mou’min Al-tack who was a first class speaker and a scholar in the ideological and cognitive sciences and one of the senior companions of Imam Sadiq (AS), and also Hisham ibn al-Hakam, who used to argue with the Ulemas with all objectivity and respect while keeping with the method of Imam Sadiq (AS) who listened to the opinion and the other opinion of people exchanging views with him, in a friendly and amicable way in order to persuade them with full transparency.

This trend has continued up to the era of Sheikh Al-Mufid (may Allah have mercy on him) in spite of the existence of persons causing strife in that era so that the Sheikh was hit and was expelled from the mosque and the houses were demolished and fire was set in the Karkh from Baghdad. With all this low-style, the Sheikh (may Allah have mercy on him) continued this intellectual communication and the scientific research. Same for Sheikh Tusi and the Ulema Ben Mothar El-Hali: they were both polite in their discussions with those who disagreed with their opinion so that some were guided and others persisted in their position without such discussions affecting the affection between them and loosening the inextricable bonds of Islamic unity, because the difference of opinion should not spoil friendliness.

In this respect, we should not forget Mr. Sharafedin in his constructive dialogues with Sheikh Salim Al-Bachari who then aspired to the Al-Azhar chiefdom. At the present time we see the clear and evident positions of his Eminence Sayyed Sistani (L.M.H.L) so that they were recognized by the near and the far, namely the preservation of the unity of Muslims and the call to familiarity and affection, putting the other at the level of oneself (do not say our Sunni brothers but say ourselves) with his Eminence (L.M.H.L) adding (when you say to your Muslim brother, "I love you" you grow love in his heart). This is the best way of taking the average behavior, which is the straight way to preserve the cohesion of the nation in all its components, building on rapprochement and solidarity, and leads to avoiding violence among the Muslims and putting things in the right position as per Almighty God’s saying ((And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves)).

Some politicians spoke to me saying (if in the world we could find ten persons like Sistani in his policy, his wisdom and his statesmanship, the world would be fine).

Therefore, I ask God the Almighty to unite the Muslims and compose between their hearts against their opponents made of the unbelievers and the hypocrites: He is the Listener and Answerer. I also ask Almighty God to keep our Scientific Hawza crowned with its great authorities may Allah protect them and protect you from all bad and evil.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.