The Representative of the High Marji'ya in Europe warns the youth that they should not be easy victims for the corrupted extreme organisations and must protect themselves by the following methods:-
• The Faith, the thought, awareness and be wide knowledge about the life of the prophet al-Mustafa (peace be upon him) and the members of his House hold ( May Allah bless them.) because it has remedy for every malady.
• They must avoid the friendship of those who have influenced by the corrupted ideas because a friend can exercise influence on his friend. Parents must become friends with their adults in order to fill this empty gap.
• They must not only avoid attending in the mosques that cultivate jealousy and hatred in them and the cancellation of others identities and distort their Islamic affiliation but they must not cooperate in any activity in these mosques as well.
• They must avoid social media because they are the most dangerous things the youth face today, and how many innocents were trapped and their lives were destroyed.
• They must be careful of accepting the material temptations and tours and others gifts because they form serious danger to the generation particularly the youth.
21 Thi Alhija 1437

His speech was delivered during the annual meeting that is held for the religion lecturers/ orators and notifiers in UK in the presence of some distinguished characters.

Below is full version of his speech delivered at the meeting:-

1- The family. If a member of the family was cheated, the disaster would happen because this may happen to other members. Therefore, the head of the family must exercise his duty in monitoring his sons and daughters and fully coordinate with their mother to stop any infiltration, and this can only be controlled when the parents are immune, armed with faith, the thought, awareness and acquainted with wide knowledge about the lives of AhlulBait (the prophet's House hold.) as in there is remedy for every malady in them.

2- Friends: This is the second method for infiltrating society. One of them will be trapped and become a victim because of his friend's influence on him because a friend may positively or negatively influence his friend. We do not say that we must prevent our sons from their friends, but is wise to pay attention to our sons from one side and be friends with them from the other in order to fill the empty space and engage with them.

3-Mosques are Allah's houses, all of them are sacred and respectable. But, unfortunately, they have turned to centres of accusing people of blasphemy with calls of and confiscating their freedom and the cultivation the education of hatred in them and the cancellation of others and wiping out their identities, and here we must warn the adults and call upon them to attend at the places where we trust their lecturers/orator and scholars and be sure that they teach the proper Islam of Mohammed.

4- Social Media. They are the most dangerous that the youth face at present because there is no observer except the user himself/ herself and thus we are all the time not with him and we have no idea with whom he/ she talks or about what. Therefor, to acquaint the sons and fill their hearts with love and show them our care and talking to them without leaving them to be easy prey for social media where some of them become easy victims.

5- The danger of using money as an alluring way for attracting the youth and making them fall in the trap of extremism in a number of ways:

1-The financial cash.
2-Touristic travels .
3- The purchase of gifts and other goods such as mobile phones and computers among other things.
4-To attract and encourage them by by offering sex-(Jihad al-Nikah) to them. Unfortunately, a great number of children were attracted and trapped.


1-Educating parents and making them aware of the danger of these extreme organisations whose members consider others as blasphemers and the places of their existence.

2-Concentration of scientific sessions for the youth for the same purpose and deepening the proper Islamic understanding.

3-The coordinations with the lecturers to stress in their lecturers about these issues and alert the believers about them.

4-The lecturers/ orators have to know and be familiar with corrupted ideas in order to be able to deal with them.

5-It is necessary for the westerns to understand through our children that Islam is the religion of mercy and forgiveness and whatever happens at the hands of these organisations does not represent Islam but political corrupted views of personal greediness and vengeance.

It is known that these organisations as people state have

A- committed atrocities that have not been committed throughout ages of human life. They have committed murder, slaughtering and assaulting the forbidden and the illegal .

B-Systematic destruction of the infrastructure for the areas that were under their control in some Iraqi Governorates.

c-Adopting a philosophy of brain-washing and re-feeding the people's minds with extreme ideas that have produced a generation of terrorists, particularly girls and boys . but Allah's will (My servant wants and I want and nothing other than what I want would happen) that the Fatwa of the supreme Marji'ya has been issued to defeat these dangerous plans and create an atmosphere of unity at time it was planned that the Iraqis would be engaging in murdering each other (They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.) We ask the Almighty to protect both the Islamic and the Western Worlds from such wicket plans, (He is all hearing and answering.)