The Representative of the supreme Marji'ya in Europe calls upon foundations, centres, societies and Imam Hussain Processions to use the language of moderation and forgiveness, the language that calls for unity and intimacy during the commemoration of Imam al-Hussain (May Allah bless him) in Ashur.
25 Thi Alhija 1437
The Voice of the Iraqi Community

His Eminence Hujatal Islam for Muslims Sayyid Murtadha al-Kishmiry has called upon all foundations, centres, societies and processions that have shouldered the religious, social and educational task in Europe, America and Canada to use the language of moderation and forgiveness, the language that calls for unity and intimacy at the commemoration of Imam Hussain (May Allah bless him) that has become a lantern and light that Muslims and others benefit from its generosity as this has been reflected at the visit of Forty- the ceremony held on the 40th day after his martyrdom.

His Eminence has stressed for the (Voice of the Iraqi Community ) saying that we are going to witness in the few coming days a wide popular attendance in all parts of the world. Therefore, we have to deliver the opinions and the straight path of the prophet's house hold ( May Allah bless them) in the same method they had asked us to adhere to, particularly to our beloved sons who were born and brought up in places of emigration to deliver to the citizens of these countries, using various languages, the humane, thought and education of Uhlulbait (May Allah bless them.)

Sayyid al-Kishmiry has highly praised the foundations, the centres and societies that have made a spacious room for the young to debate in the language of the country of their residence, confirming this manner was urged by the High Marji'ya in its repeated advice.

His Eminence continued by stating that the role of woman in building up the society is vital, particularly in the bringing up of children on the love and the belief of UhlulBait (May Allaha bless them), referring to her stand with her brother, the father of the liberals, Imam al-Hussain (May Allah bless him.)

And, in conclusion to his speech with the (Voice of the Iraqi Community), his Eminence called upon the orators, lecturers and messengers of religion for a variety of ideas and concepts at the delivery of the sermons to the people and to raise their level to progress to the level of UhlulBait (May Allah bless them.) and to shed the light on dealing with social problems of the Muslim Communities in the places of emigration where they reside without pointing them out only without forwarding treatment methods. al-Hussani platform (al-Minber al-Hussain) must not got involved in Shiiti differences in the field of belief or the religious ceremonies because dealing with such problems would force the al-Hussaini platform (Minber) to take side for a group against the other or it may cause a social unrest or flame division among the believers, whereas the platform is a banner for the unity of word and a symbol for the Hussani light that collect the lovers of the Head of Martyrs is one way and active cooperation.

He also confirm the spiritual and psychological relation with Imam al-Mahdi (May Allah hasten his emergence), and the necessity of following and be attached to the line of the present leadership ( al- Marji'ya) at the time of the occultation because it is the safety valve for Muslims at the time from ideological and thought deviation and stressing on the scholarly base that is beneath the secret of the strength of the Imami sect.