In the birth memory of the awaiting Imam (May Allah hasten his appearance), the representative of the High Marji'ya in Europe:
• Points out to some of the believers' duties at the occultation time.
• Confirm the adherence to line of the authorised leadership.
• Supplication for the Imam's safety and being victorious on his enemies, the hastening of his appearance and payment of the charitable alms for him and the continuation of his visit.
15 Shabaan 1438

The talk of his Eminence came during his sermon at the Friday Congregation prayer that was held in the new mosque that was recently opened in Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. He began his sermon by the well-known supplication attributed to Imam al-Sadiq (a.s) that he had taught to Zurara who had asked him about his deed if he had lived in that period. The Imam (a.s) advised Zurara to use this supplication: "Oh Allah, let me know you because if I do not know you, I shall not know thy prophet, oh Allah, help me to know your messenger because if I do not know your messenger, I shall not know the awaited Imam. Oh Allah, let me know they awaited Imam because if you do not allow me to know him, I shall go astray from my religion." This supplication is the believer proof at the period of occultation and through it the believer's duties are identified as some have indicated to by some.

First: The Imam (a.s) to firmly establish the acknowledgement of the awaited Imam occultation, the definiteness of his appearance and his monitoring to our works that he views. The reference to them may be in Allah's verse: "And say: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers: Soon will ye be brought back to the knower of what is hidden and what is open: then will He show you the truth of all that ye did".

This knowledge and acquaintance by him (a.s) to our situations and works bear clear effect in pushing the Muslim for reformatory and sound work on both individual and social levels. It gives the believer's work an additional merit that is represented by the sentimental feeling that his movement is being watched and monitored by the Imam of his time who is pleased to see the progress made by the believers and will be upset by any retreat and staying away from doing the constructive improvement, and adhering firmly to the rules, morals and proper Islamic values. Islam waits for the availability of conditions for his appearance for establishing the Islamic Rule on earth and saving of humanity. In this regard, Sheikh Al-Kulaini was quoted as saying in his al-Kafi Encyclopidia about Zurara that Imam al-Sadiq (a.s) said, "The boy must have an occultation. "I asked about the reason. He said, 'He is afraid and he pointed to his abdomen with his hand- he is the awaited, the one who people doubt his birth. Some people would say that his mum was pregnant with him, and some would claim his father had died without having a child, and some other would say that he was born two years before his father's death." Zurara asked the Imam, 'What do you advise me to do if I have realised that period?' The Imam told him to recite this supplication: "Oh Allah, let me know you because if I do not know you, I shall not know thy prophet, oh Allah, helpmeet to know your messenger because if I do not know your messenger, I shall not know the awaited Imam. Oh Allah let me know they awaited Imam because if you do not allow me to know him, I shall go astray from my religion". And in this tradition there is an indication to ideological bases of the belief in the Imam and the fruits of his knowledge.

Second: The believers at the time of occultation have to strengthen their relation and sentiment to the Imam and react practically with his sublime goals and defend them, and have deep emotion to his leadership. This support is stressed in most honoured traditions as duties of the believers toward the Imam (a.s) such as the supplication for his safety and victory and the hastening of his appearance and his safety from the wickedness of his enemies and the payment of charitable alms and the continuation of his visit and other duties referred to by the traditions that were collected by a scholar in a special book entitled: (Peoples' duties at the occultation time of the Imam).

Third: The revival of Ahlul-Bait (a.s) that the Imam represents and the meaning of the deed to pure Islam of Muhammad which Ahlul-Bait had defended and spread its ideas, and to make people aware of the repression that they had suffered and our support to them and being free from their enemies and work by their advices and spread their heritage and instructions.

A: Do not rely on the oppressive regimes and follow the just jurists who enjoy all the conditions which have been stated by the great jurists in their scholarly messages because God has appointed them as proof on people as Imam al-Hassan al-Askri described them by saying, "As the jurist who protected himself, protecting his religion and is against his passion and obeying to Allaha, the people have the right to follow his power.) As for the events occurred test them according to the narrators of our traditions (They are my proof on you and I am Allaha's proof on them). Because they are maintainers of the Sharia from distortion and refuting suspicions and stand against anyone who try to defame it. And this was proved by the attitudes of our great jurists throughout history in their decisive stands whenever Ahlul Bait school comes under attack starting with the case of Atunbak and ending with Fatwa of al-Jihad al-Kifa'i.

B: Seeking Allah's help in all this as mentioned in the following text: (The nearest of people to Allah and most knowledgeable and the kindest to the people is Muhammad and the Imams Allah's prayers are on them. So enter where they entered and leave whomever they have left. I mean by this Hussain and his sons peace be upon them because the truth is with them as they are the executors and from them are the Imams and wherever you find them be their followers and if you have become unable to see any of them ask Allah's help and look at Muhammad's behaviour that you are familiar with and follow it and love whom you have been loving and hate the ones whom you have hated, how quick Allah's relief would come to you).

Fifth: Cementing the belief essence and recommendation with truth and patience which is one of the duties that is confirmed at the time of occultation because of the hardships that engulfs it and the firm adherence to the Ahulul Bait belief (a.s). In the tradition it is said; A time would come on people that is characterised by the absence of their Imam, (congratulation for those who remained firmly adhered to our way at that time.) And Imam Ja'far Bin Mohammad al-Sadiq (a.s) says, (Congratulations to the followers of the awaited Imam during his appearance from his occult and to those who obey him at this time. Those are Allah's friends who experience no fear and never feel sorry). And in another tradition through Imam al-Jawad (a.s). The awaited Imam has a long occultation whose days cannot be counted. The faithful shall wait for his appearance and those who are in suspicion deny him, and the unbelievers, mock at his remembrance the unbelievers and lie at it those time-fixers, and perish at it those who are in a hurry but Muslims are saved).

Such guidance inside the souls of the believers supports belief and faithfulness to Allah, the exalted, and the confidence in his wisdom and care for his servants. It is a sign of good opinion of Allah. Therefore, it is not odd that traditions describe waiting as the best deed to Allah because of the messenger's comment about it: (the best action of my nation is waiting for release from suffering).

As we have been talking about waiting, it is important to know the meaning of the positive waiting which has been referred to by Imam al-Sadiq (a.s) by saying, "Anyone who is pleased to be one of the followers of the awaited Imam, he has to wait and act with piety and be of good characters while waiting, and if he dies during the waiting time and awaited Imam appeared after his death, he enjoys the same reward as the one who has witnessed his appearance. So work hard and wait it may do you good you the late gang." Undoubtedly, as the waiting get longer, the person's good reward is increased by Allah and the individual's status becomes high with Allah, the Exalted, Waiting as we have stated means the expectation of the rise of the government and the established power of al- Mahdi from the family Al Muhammad (a.s), a government of fairness, justice and the victory of right religion on all other religions as Allah , the Exalted, has promised this to his noble prophet, and this was rejoiced by all prophets and nations that such a day when no god other than Allah would be worshipped and nothing would remain because of fear behind the curtain or hidden.

We beg the Almighty, the Exalted, to witness that day which was referred to by the prophet (s.a.a.w) when he said, "If only one day remains for this world, Allah would send a man from my house to fill it with justice as it has been filled with oppression and injustice".