Allamah Sayyid Kashmiri appeals to Sunni and Shiite Muslim scholars to:
Seize the opportunity of the holy month of Ramadan to unify ranks and spread love.
26 Shaban 1438

Sayyid Murtaza Al-Kashmiri concluded the conference, held in the Danish capital Copenhagen under the title "The threat of terrorism on world peace", by issuing a message to Sunni & Shia Muslim scholars to: “Seize the opportunity of the holy month of Ramadan, the month of goodness, blessing and mercy, to propagate and cultivate love and affection in the hearts of people through their sermons, guidance and advice – especially to young people for fear of them falling prey to the Takfiris and terrorists and to make them aware that Islam is a religion of love, affection and brotherhood.”

H. E. also called on the conference to include, among other things, printing small pamphlets containing correct information about Islam, its virtues and advocacy methods, and to use of modern techniques to propagate its holy message and to adopt a clear media method of implementing it.

H. E. appealed to mothers and sisters to give their children and daughters an upbringing to safeguard their identity - away from misleading propaganda that corrupts their faith and distances them from the true essence of Islam - cultivating the love of others [in their hearts] even if they differ from them in faith and religion, because they are their brothers in humanity.

“People are of two kinds, either your brother in religion or your equal in creation.”

H. E. also condemned the terrorist attack that targeted innocent people in the city of Manchester claiming many dead and wounded.

H. E. said: “Scholars, thinkers and moderate political leaders had previously appealed against helping, encouraging and providing financial, logistical and media support to them [terrorists]. Unfortunately the call of reason fell on deaf ears until they became prey to them [terrorists] today.

In another meeting held on Tuesday evening in Madina-tul-illm on the outskirts of the capital, Copenhagen and attended by scholars from both faiths (Sunni & Shi’a), H. E. urged everyone to be advocates of Islam without their tongues; rather by applying, embodying and practicing the concepts of Islam so others may follow them.”

H. E. added that: “We do not see any harm for a Sunni scholar to pray folding his arms next to a Shi’a who has his arms by his side or that the latter prostrates on the Turba of The Master of Martyrs (a.s.) when the former doesn’t.” Especially when everybody’s Qibla is one, their prophet is one and their Qur’an is one. And that their enemy today does not distinguish between this one and that one when he wants to harm them he hits everyone to achieve his interests and political goals.

H. E. Also welcomed such meetings and requested they be repeated from time to time.

((And say: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers..)) Holy Qur’an 9:105