The representative of the Supreme religious authority in Europe expresses his condolences to the Islamic world on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam al-Hassan (as), and he states:
• The peace treaty of Imam Hassan (as) revealed the masks of the hypocrites who had misused the name of religion.
• The peace treaty had established the ground and paved the way for the revolution of Imam Hussain (as). It has safeguarded Shi’ah-Islam and protected Muslims and spared them further bloodshed. In same direction, the fatwah of collective Jihad by Grand Ayatullah Sistani, in our current time, was meant to unify Iraq and the Iraqis, including all its religious denominations and races.
6 Safar 1439

These ideas were expressed during the Friday sermon in al-Qaim Centre (as) in Slough in the United Kingdom. He expressed his condolences to the Islamic world on the occasion of the Martyrdom of the 2nd Imam of Shi’ah Muslims, i.e. Imam Hassan (as). He was speaking about various aspects of the Imam’s (as) life, which was full of giving charity, practicing jihad and struggling against injustice. One of the most prominent aspects was honoring him as stated by the Quran, the prophetic traditions and the historical records about his personality.

Referring to those aspects from the Holy Qur’an, one can mention (Ayah al-mubahalah) the verse of mutual invocation, and (Ayah al-Mawadah) the verse of the necessity of honoring and loving the Ahlul Bait (as), (Ayah al-Ta’ah) the verse of obeying their commands and (al-Abrar) the verse of highly selected believers, amongst other verses. These verses, which refer to him, are equally important as much as they were referring to him (as) and his brother Imam Hussain (as).

His eminence also referred to the statements of different historians and the interpretation of various experts of Qur’an exegesis.

Referring to the prophetic traditions and narrations, he mentioned that there are many hadiths, which were narrated in the books of sihah.

They can be divided into two parts: The first includes those narrations that are exclusively related to the Imam (as), such as: ‘If someone is interested in looking at the Master of the youth of Paradise, so let him look at Al-Hassan, son of Ali (as).’

‘Al-Hassan (as) is a Master and my grandson through my daughter (as).’

Also: ‘Al-Hassan (as) is the master of the youths of Heaven.’

The second: There are those narrations, which refer to both him and to his brother Imam Hussain (as) like the Hadith from the Prophet (sawas): ‘My grandsons – both- are Imams whether they would rise or remain pacifists.’

Also when he (sawas) says: ‘Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain (as) are the masters of the youths of Paradise and their father is even better than them.’

He says: ‘My two sons are blessed with attar, as they are best scented flowering grandsons in this worldly life’, amongst other prophetic traditions.

What has been referred to by some Muslims -claiming that the Prophet (sawas) said, ‘My son [meaning by that Imam al-Hassan (as)] is a Master, from whom a blessing is expected, as maybe through him, Almighty God (swt) will create peace between two great groups of Muslims,’- is not true, nor authentic! This hadith is one of the many fabricated hadiths wrongly ascribed to the Prophet (sawas) during the reign of Mu’awiyah.

Ascribing false hadiths to the Prophet (sawas) through fabricating narrations was a profitable business during that period of time. If anyone is interested in reading further details, one can refer to the book of ‘One hundred and Fifty companions’ as well as the book: ‘Abdullah bin Saba’ that were authored by the late ‘alamah al-Askari, and whatever is written by Shaikh al-Amini in his work: The Encyclopedia of Al-ghadir, amongst other books.

There is no doubt that history has maintained his elevated level of honor through his knowledge, his worship, his generosity, his patience, his high moral behavior and his peace treaty, through which he exposed the hypocritical mask on the face of Mu’awiyah.

The Imam (as) revealed his hypocrisy to the public, especially after Mu’awiyah had given a speech after the capitulation, stating:‘I did not fight you in order to get you to pray, nor to fast, nor to perform hajj, nor to pay zakat, as I know that you are doing those things.However, I just fought you to rule over you, and God has given me that, even though you may dislike it.’

So based on this statement and other signs, the hypocrisy of Mu’awiyah was revealed to the public as were his lies ascribed to the messenger of Allah (sawas) saying that he is a writer of revelation [Qur’an], and that the AngelGabriel descended tothe Prophet (sawas) with a pen of gold, which he had given to him, in order towrite down the Qur’anic verses. Also his lies claiming to be the uncle of the believers, amongst other fabricated narrations have been recorded in the historical books and mentioned in the compilation of the unauthenticated hadiths.

Based on all these and other lies, he hadinserted those compilations of narrations and historical books with thiskind of faketraditions that were falsely ascribed to the Prophet (sawas). He supported these acrimonious actswith money taken from [Bait ul-mal] the public treasury. It is these politics that paved the way for fabricating lies to gain evil supporters and dishonest pioneers. In accordance with one of the historical records, he had paid Samurah Ibn Jundub (one of the companions, who had met and seen the Prophet) four hundred thousand dirhams to mutilate the truth about the reason for the revelation of the verse ((ومن الناس من يشري نفسه ابتغاء مرضات الله والله رءوف بالعباد)), which was originally -unanimouslyagreed upon by all Muslims- revealed to praise Imam Ali (as)- so he had it ascribed to Ibn Muljam, i.e. the one who had assassinated Imam Ali (as).

As suchthe peace treaty has revealed Mu’awiyah’shypocrisy and uncovered his lies, and exposed the factthat he solely intended to gain the government over the Muslims, with or without their approval, as he explicitly said:‘I only fought you to rule over you...’

In addition the peace treatypaved the way for the revolution of Imam Hussein (as), and it spared Muslims further bloodshed. It saved the Shi’ah to prevail until to the current day. Otherwise, Mu’awiyah would never have hesitated to extinguish the whole Shi’ah communities at large. He could also have dug up the grave of Imam Ali (as), and other graves of the people of the Prophet (sawas), such as the martyrs of Uhud, especially Hamzah (as), the uncle of the Prophet (sawas). Of course, he could have committed those flagrant violations justifying them with empty rationalizations, however the peace treaty stopped him and revealed his hypocrisy and proved that his sole intention was aiming fordictatorship and the revival of the rules of [Jahiliyah] ignorance.

These acrimonious acts-in the past- are just like today events, as the contemporary events required the religious authority to issue the Fatwah of collective Jihad; the Fatwah, which has saved Iraq, Shi’ah Islam and the holy shrines. The Victory, which the Iraqis have achieved against the ISIS and others, wasonly possible, due to this Fatwah that was inspired by the peace of Imam Hassan (as). Otherwise, one could have witnessed that ISIShadreached their evil- to destroy all the sacred and holy shrinesof Muslims as well as Non-Muslims. However the Divine will of Almighty God (swt) as well as His wisdom have managed to stop this monster, leaving it to be extinguished. This Fatwah shall remain and prevail–with the will of God- asa source of inspirationand it has safeguarded theunity of all Iraqis, regardless of their religious denominations and races.

It is unfortunate that one may hear today some of those misleading calls, which aim at causing spurious doubts and questioning the credibility of the [Mujahidin] sincere fighters, who have protected Iraqis, their different holy shrines and spared Iraq from the bloodbath. They did not discriminate -in their defense- between a mosque, a church or a temple, or any worship place of any component of Iraqi society. Each and everyone is equal in their eyes. Unfortunately we hear some outsiders beyond the borders of Iraq, whoevilly and misleadingly call for the return of those heroes, as if they came from outside the borders of Iraq, or as if they wereforeigners from Turkmenistan or Daylam. Those evil claimants are willingly neglecting the fact that theyare the citizens of Iraq and its genuine nation, who have succeeded in drawing the ISIS out of their country.Today they are concentrating on accomplishing the task of liberating the whole of the Iraqi soil, God willing.It would be wiser and better that those callers of evilreturn to where theyhave come from, as everybody knows that they are not Iraqis.

In conclusion, the peace treaty of Imam al-Hassan (as) and the revolution of Imam Hussein (as) are just like two halves that would complete each others. They have –both- contributed to Islam being sustained and prevailing. They have kept the teachings of and the beliefs of Muslims alive and true, as the holy Imams, would never actwithout the direct order of Allah (swt), as it has been elaboratedby the holy Prophet (sawas).

Peace of God upon you [Aba Mohammed] Imam Hassan, on the day you were born, the days you lived, the day you reconciled, the day you were martyred and the day you will be revived from death for an eternal life.