1. In the Ullema Conference in Paris, the Representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe, says:
    • Ullemas should speak to people according to their level of understanding - as in the Hadith “Address people according to their level of thinking. Do you wish that Allah and his messenger be disbelieved?”
    • Ullemas are trustees upon God’s laws and that which has been prescribed by the prophets. Thus their duty is to maintain it.
    • Ullemas need to observe their behavior and their movements because people are watching them.
    • Ullemas need to cooperate and advise each other. Even if they differ on a certain issue then, let this be away from the public eye so as not to affect their credibility.
    • Ullemas need to study different books of science and knowledge beneficial to the current needs of the people.
    • Ullemas need to include the female element and invest their energies for Tabligh and family welfare.

  2. Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri conveys the guidance given by the leading Marja’iyah to his visitors (Part 2)
    • Be humble with those you teach as with whom you learn from.
    • Protect your students from delving into political discussions and Islamic Caliphate myths which only aim to distract and divert the generations from the right path.
    • Instill the spirit of seeking help from Allah in all matters and educate people on the ways of the prophethood.
    • Urge your children to get married early for their own safety from the devil’s devious ways.

  3. Advice and guidance of the leading Marja’iy’ah to Hawza students in the holy city of Najaf.
    • You are now in a position to guide the believers and enlighten them to that which is good for their religion and lives.
    • Apply what you preach to others because a teacher should teach himself first.
    • Be like the prophets in your manners and traits and honour each other and respect other people so they may follow you.
    • Associate with people and live with them according to the saying of the Imam (a.s.): “People are of two kinds, either your brother in religion or your equal in creation.”
    • Prepare your studies early and discuss them among yourselves after class so the lesson stays in your mind.
    • Avoid delving in politics, it’s a waste of time and mind preoccupying.

  4. Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri mentions the recommendations of the leading Marja’iyah to visitors of the holy shrines in the following points:
    • Your visits to the shrines of the Immaculate Imams (a.s.) should not be limited to that which is customary only.
    • Urged cooperation between the believers and visiting each other.
    • Emphasized on making use of time to attain the ranks progress and perfection.
    • His Eminence’s honour and respect for scholars and qualified people of knowledge.
    • Called for coexisting in harmony with the communities where they live regardless of race and religion.
    • Stressed on early marriage so as to preserve one’s religion and deter perversion.

  5. The Representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe says:
    The leading Marja’iyah’s aid is not restricted to Hawzas, students, religious centers and institutions, but goes beyond that to assist both the needy and the destitute all over Iraq - away from nationalism and sectarianism and here’s a brief:

  6. The Representative of the Leading Marja’iyah in Europe congratulates the Muslim world on the anniversary of the blessed births of the Noble Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdillah (s.a.w.w.) and his grandson Imam Ja’far ibn Muhammad Al-Sadiq (a.s.) and says:
    • Commemorating the anniversary of the two blessed births is abiding by the commands of Allah and the Sunnah of the holy Prophet which is in line with the approach of the immaculate household (a.s).
    • Appealed to scholars and preachers, world politicians and thinkers in the community to stop the phenomenon of extremism which has tarnished the image of Islam in the world. He also stressed the need for unity, love and friendship and the renunciation of hatred and to respect Muslim blood, honour and property because it is as sacred as the holy Ka’ba.

  7. On the occasion the Arba’een of Imam Hussain (AS) Sayyid Kashmiri says:
    • Ziyaratul-Arba’een is ritualistic in dimension, a divine light and a loud cry against oppression and tyrants since 1377 years ago. This is why the Arab and global media ignore it.
    • The followers of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) paid with their lives and their money in order to maintain the continuity of this ritual.
    • Despite the small surface area of Karbala, the number of visitors it hosts is by far many folds than those who go to Haj. The visitors are indifferent to the dangers on the road, inspired only by clam and inner tranquility.
    • This year, Ziyaratul-Arba’een coincided with the heroic battles of the Iraqi army and the national mobilization forces in defense of peoples’ rights.

  8. The Representative of the supreme Marji'ya in Europe calls upon foundations, centres, societies and Imam Hussain Processions to use the language of moderation and forgiveness, the language that calls for unity and intimacy during the commemoration of Imam al-Hussain (May Allah bless him) in Ashur.
  9. The Representative of the High Marji'ya in Europe warns the youth that they should not be easy victims for the corrupted extreme organisations and must protect themselves by the following methods:-
    • The Faith, the thought, awareness and be wide knowledge about the life of the prophet al-Mustafa (peace be upon him) and the members of his House hold ( May Allah bless them.) because it has remedy for every malady.
    • They must avoid the friendship of those who have influenced by the corrupted ideas because a friend can exercise influence on his friend. Parents must become friends with their adults in order to fill this empty gap.
    • They must not only avoid attending in the mosques that cultivate jealousy and hatred in them and the cancellation of others identities and distort their Islamic affiliation but they must not cooperate in any activity in these mosques as well.
    • They must avoid social media because they are the most dangerous things the youth face today, and how many innocents were trapped and their lives were destroyed.
    • They must be careful of accepting the material temptations and tours and others gifts because they form serious danger to the generation particularly the youth.

  10. In the Norwegian Capital, Oslo, the General Supervisor of the Al-Ayn Social Welfare Foundation, Shaykh Amjad Riadh talks about some of the leading Marja’iyah’s projects in Europe and Iraq, under the title: (The leading Marja’iyah and the general public)
  11. In Oslo, Sayyid Murtaza Al-Kashmiri says:
    The leading Marja’iyah today is a symbol of fatherhood and Islamic Unity.

  12. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe calls on the Muslim world to get closer to Allah in this ‘night of destiny’ (Laylatul-Qadr), supplicate and be obedient to Him, and adhere to the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and follow the Marja’i approach; which is the Muslims’ safety ship in this day and age.
  13. Speech of the Representative of the Higher Authority in Europe on the occasion of holy month of Ramadan, where he said:
    • One the works beloved to God Almighty and close to him in the month of Ramadan, is generosity to the orphan for saying (PBUH) (The one who is generous to an orphan during this month will get honored by God the day he meets Him)
    • The Higher Authority adopted, restored and rebuilt hundreds of homes for orphans and families of the Popular Crowd (Hached Chaabi)
    • Ain Foundation has built four complexes for widows and orphans in various Iraqi provinces, and double of that is under construction
    • The Foundation established the Flourishing Star (Annoujoum Al-Zahira) Center for vital and critical purposes concerning the future of orphans
    • The support of the orphan is a blessing for the supporter and shall increase his living, represent almsgiving made with his money, purify him and give him the honor of accompanying the Prophet (PBUH) in Paradise on the Day of Resurrection.

  14. The representative of the leading Marja’iya in Europe inaugurates the guesthouse of Anjuman-e-Faiz Panjetani, Al-Najaf Residence (Musafirkhana) – in the holy city of Najaf
  15. The Representative of Authority in Europe meets all Ulemas, Muballighin (informants) and Imams of the Islamic centers in the United Kingdom and says:
    1. Authentic Muhammadi Islam faces today intellectual and military attack to discredit its ideological and cultural identity.
    2. He appeals the Ulemas and Muballighin (informants) in the Muslim world to bear legal responsibility at present to bring the young people, get them closer and feed them with the essence of faith by adhering to the Koran and purifying Sunnah while taking the path of the pure ancestry to whom God gave abomination of filth and purified them.
    3. The Ulemas and Muballighin (informants) must focus on Islamic unity between Muslims, which is the mystery of their existence.
    4. The eminent authorities are the pioneers of the Islamic unity and Imam Sistani (L.M.H.L) is the model of this era.

  16. The representative of the leading Marja’iya concluded his tour of Canada and said:
    • The community workers should seek to unite and put aside their differences. • Taklief of females before the males is an honour bestowed upon them from the Lord Almighty.
    • Islam’s noble view of women is in delegating them the most important institution in society.
    • The Hijab of a woman preserves her from humiliation.
    • Ali (a.s.) is the most trustworthy hand-held grasp and the right path.
    • Our problems are caused by the lack of adherence to the approach of the Commander of the Faithfull (a.s.)
    • Officials in Iraq should stick to the recommendations of the leading Marja’iya in Najaf.

  17. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri says:
    • The Marja’iyah has never a single day abandoned the people. Being silent is wisdom determined by the status-quo. Time will reveal this secret.
    • Mentioned parts of Imam Ali (a.s.)’s directives to Malik Al-Ashtar and others in authority – which is one of the most important political discourse for those in politics – if they can realize its significance.
    • He who disrobes himself of Taqwa (wariness of Allah), will not be covered/defended by anything else.

  18. The Representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe holds a reception for a member of the Board of Trustees and a group of professionals, doctors and academics.
  19. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe:
    • Condoles the Islamic world on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Fatima-tul-Zahra (s.a) and highlights extracts from her status.
    • Emphasises upon Islamic centers and establishments in Europe to commemorate the Al-Zahra season during these days.

  20. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe congratulates the Iraqi people and the religious Maraji’ on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet (s.a.w.w.) and Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) and the recent victories. He said:
    • The violation of Iraqi soil has united Iraqis from all backgrounds.
    • Appealed to Islamic and western countries and others to eradicate this cancer [of terrorism] from the world.
    • Without the prayers of the Marja’iyah and Ullema and the courageous Iraqi people these great victories would not be achievable.
    • Everyone should be prepared to cleanse the remaining Iraqi territories, after which they need to get ready to struggle against their desires and passions.

  21. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe congratulates the world on the birth of the Prophet Jesus the son of Mary (peace be upon them). He says:
    ·         God Almighty has sent 124000 prophets and messengers to humanity, beginning with prophet Adam (a.s.) and ending with the seal of the prophets Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household) with five of whom being Ulu’l-A’zm prophets, i.e Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all).
    ·         God Almighty sent His best creations to the world for the purpose of goodness and reform. They were sent to achieve one aim which is to purify the human self, to nurture and educate it on good manners; the most important being mercy and compassion, affection, honesty, trust, keeping promises and caring for the disadvantaged and the vulnerable, kinship and neighbourliness and all such good qualities.
    ·         But what we see and hear today is the denial of these principles, as though people have returned to the age of ignorance and adopted the law of the jungle. The strong attack the weak, the rich against the poor, the big against the small and hearts drained of compassion; as though the prophets and messengers, scholars and righteous ones have not advised of the commands of the Almighty God.

  22. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe:
    Congratulates the Muslim world on the blessed birthday occasions of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w.) and his grandson Imam Ja'far bin Muhammad Sadiq (a.s ).
    • Reviving the two occasions is a commitment to applying Allah's commands and avoiding His prohibitions.
    • Appeals to scholars, preachers, politicians and prominent people of the world to combat the phenomenon of extremism around the globe.
    • Emphasizes on unity, understanding and the rejection of hatred and resentment and the fight against sectarianism and respect for Muslim blood, honor and property for these are as sacred and inviolable as the Kaaba.

  23. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe congratulates the Muslim world on the coronation day of the 12th Imam (a.j.), crowned with the crown of Imamate and Caliphate.
  24. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe speaks about the importance of the Ziyaratul-Arbaeen (40th day pilgrimage to the tomb of Al-Hussain a.s.), its legitimacy, and its social, political and cultural objectives
    He says:
    ·         Let the world today see how the visitors of Imam Hussain (a.s.) enjoy the tranquilities of good ethics.
    ·         There are more than ten Ziyarates for Imam Hussain (a.s.) during the year which is not the case for other Massomeen. (a.s.)
    ·         Appeals to visitors to honour the aims of the movement of Hussain (a.s.)  and adhere to them, especially by performing obligatory prayers on time – as in the Hadith by Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.): “Our intercession shall not be achieved by he who takes his prayers lightly” and the negligent shall suffer fifteen types of punishments in both worlds.
    Emphasizes upon organisers of processions and serving stops, not to indulge in waste and extravagance when dishing out food and other provisions and avoid showing off and bragging – in line with the leading Marja’iyah’s directives to the visitors of Imam Al-Hussain (a.s.)
      ·         One should ask oneself when visiting the holy shrine of Imam Hussain(a.s.), is he sincere when saying:  Wish we had been with you we would have gained a great victory ? And with every step taken will the visitor receive a good point and a bad point be erased? And when tears of grief for Imam Hussain (a.s.) flow, will it be as Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) said: “On the day of resurrection all eyes will be weeping except the eye that wept for Hussain (a.s.) - which will be laughing.” 
    ·         Let those associated with the government who have no qualms in eating Haraam funds know,  by taking bribes from the vulnerable and the widows and orphans who hold the love of Hussain (a.s.) in their hearts and weep profoundly for him, that they will be among those referred to in the speech of the Aqeelah Zainab (a.s.) “Yes by God, weep much and laugh much for you have taken with you its shame and dishonour.”  
    ·         Imam Hussain (a.s.) is innocent of those who have hoarded the wealth of the Iraqi people for themselves in foreign banks – they will be engulfed and burnt by fire [of this wealth] on Judgment day and their punishment will be painful.

  25. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe says:
    • Among the important projects of leading Marja’iyah, Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al-Seestani (long may he live), is the establishment of Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation with 38 offices and branches in Iraq and outside.
    • The leading Marja’iyah in Najaf cares for a large number of orphans and displaced persons from its own personal funds excluding the continuous support received from its offices.
    • Praises the role of Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation and its projects.
    • Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation looks after approximately 50 thousand orphans, widows and displaced persons.
    • Calls on speakers and orators to note the importance of this Foundation and its role during the upcoming Hussaini season.

  26. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe, Allamah Sayyid Murtaza Kashmiri leads the Momeneen for friday prayer at Masjid Al-Husayn (a.s) in Leicester
  27. Sayyid Al-Kishmiriy says:
    • Imam Al-sadiq (P.B.U.H) has not involved in the administration of the Islamic State of his age because of the absence of the proper objective circumstances, and the legitimate necessity has forced him to highlight the distinguished rightful Islamic marks at many different levels according to Ulul Bait’s (prophet Muhammad’s progeny, (P.B.U.T) manner.
    • Today the religious Marji’yya follow the prophet’s (May Allah bless him) footsteps and his pure progeny (P.B.U.T) in calling for fairness, attainment of social justice at all levels, helping the weak and the oppressed and fighting corruption.
    • Al-Marji’yya’s role at present is of consultation, guidance and for identifying the deficiency and incapability of the state performance, and those in authority have to abide by their constitutional duties which people have elected them for. 5th of

  28. Concluding his visit to Norway, the Representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe says:
    1. The methodology of the leading Marja’iyah is based on humanitarian and Islamic practice, away from sectarianism and nationalism.
    2. The leading Marja’iyah does not see a need to appear on the media, but considers its duty to achieve divine and social justice and to fight against oppression and oppressors, corruption and the corrupt.
    3. We hope that Iraqi officials are serious about the reforms recently called for by the leading Marja’iyah.
    4. Young people shouldn’t get overexcited by the knowledge they receive in the West, the Sadiq of Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) preceded them to it centuries ago.
    5. Young people should preserve their religious and cultural identity and not be affected by western appearances.
    6. A young man in the west should only marry a Momina who is known for her chastity and devoutness.

  29. In the sixth conference on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.), the representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe says:
    • Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) was one of the great pinnacles of the history of Islam.
    • Urges the Ullema and Mubaligheen, the intellectuals and doctors of all specialties to benefit from the knowledge of Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.)
    • Appeals to Islamic and western media outlets to acquaint themselves with the aspects of this foremost Islamic school, because of its rich treasures that illuminate the path for all those thirsty for knowledge.
    • Imam Sadiq’s (a.s.) School was not limited to Shari’a knowledge but dealt with branches of physics, chemistry, astronomy, genetics and medicine; be it internal or psychology.
    • The Imams of the Islamic schools of thought were Imam Al-Sadiq’s (a.s.) students.
    • 150 fabricated Sahabis [companions] have been discussed in Islamic history with no real presence.
    • Holds the media responsible for not publishing the facts about this optimal school plus the Ummah for not informing people of the sacrifices made by the Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) for humanity and for the sake of the message of Islam.

  30. The representative of Grand Marji’ya in Europe:
    • Has called for abiding to Uhlul Bait Imams’ way (P.B.U.T) by maintaining the unity of the Islamic nation without encouraging sectarian or factionist divisions.Persuading all various communities of the Iraqi society to stand firmly together with their brothers and sons of the security forces and the popular mobilisation (Al-Hashd al-Sha’bi) and tribes by supporting and helping themagainst terrorism and terrorists and those who consider other Muslims as blasphemers.
    • Reminding supporters and those who offer help to the terrorists by either words or actions that those terrorists, if they gain control, they would not spare their lives or forgive them.
    • Drawing the politicians’ attention to the importance of Al-Marji’y’s Fatwa which without it, they would have been forced to return back to their countries of exile where they were before the fall of Saddam’s Rule and they should not hesitate in answering the needs of the Iraqis and should adhere to Al-Marji’ya’s advices before the situation becomes uncontrollable and is too late to handle it afterwards as it would be impossible to resolve.
    • Appreciating Dr El-Ibadi’s decision and his call for the ministers and those in authorities to be in touch with the ordinary people and answer their worries.

  31. The Representative of the leading Marja’iya in Europe congratulates the Muslim world on Eid al-Fitr beseeching the Almighty to make this an Eid of harmony, love and friendship between Muslims and emphasizing the following:
    • Continue the acts of worship performed in the month of Ramadhan beyond the holy month.
    • Check the state of the needy and the displaced and care for them; especially the families of the national mobilisation and security forces.
    • Console the widows and orphans and their families to bring back a smile on their lips on Eid days.
    • Pray for the victory of the Mujahideen and defenders of Islam and Muslims.
    • Visit family, relatives and Muslim brothers, and honour parents and treat them kindly.

  32. How to prepare ourselves to welcome the month of Ramadhan ?
  33. Al-Marjiiya representative in Europe
    • Confirms to the Ulama (scholars) in the United Kingdom to keep caring for bringing up the youth religiously and ideologically through holding weekly meetings in the centres and foundations and teaching them the Qur’an.
    • Parents must encourage their family members to attend to the Islamic centres, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan for the maintaining their religion and belief.
    • confirming the benefit from spiritual atmospheres in the holy month of Ramadan by reading the Qur’an and the specific supplications

  34. Sayyid Kashmiri talks about the virtues of the night of 15th Sha’ban and the issue of the Awaited Imam Al-Mahdi (a.j.) and says:
    • The issue of Imam al-Mahdi (a.j.) is one of absolute and fundamental certainties by consensus of all Muslim scholars.
    • No other issue in our Islamic world enjoys as many narrations and Hadiths as this one.
    • A group of great scholars and researchers from the majority of the Muslim world prove his birth (a.j.) and his presence among us.
    • It is essential to talk about the issue of Imam Al-Mahdi (a.j.) because of its ideological, political, cultural, religious, spiritual, jihadist and divine meaning.
    • In the State of the Awaited Imam Al-Mahdi (a.j.) the world will be blessed with security and stability and the emergence of all good things.
    • Three responsibilities lie on the shoulders of scholars, intellectuals and those concerned with this issue.

  35. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri celebrated the anniversary of the birth of the three brilliant stars of the Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) and led Friday prayers in Sweden and Denmark
  36. • Sayyid al-Kishmiry has inquired why do some Muslims ignore the death memory of Abi Talib (May Allah be satisfied with), the protector and supporter of the Messenger?
    • He calls upon the Iraqi people to keep the unity, brotherhood, forgiveness and love in the light of the common religious and human similarities among them, and the commitment to the path of UhlulBait (Peace be upon them) as their behaviour is the basis for the Muslims’ unity everywhere.
    • To challenge terrorism and those whose accuse other Muslims of being blasphemers, the number of visitors this year to the shrines of the two Imams (P.B,U.T) in Kadhimiya has jumped up to ten millions.

  37. Sayyid Kashmiri talks about the goals of the prophetic mission saying:
    • The prophetic mission was 14 centuries ago but until now Muslims have not grasped its aims and secrets.
    • The prophet mission is a divine blessing for humanity leading to perfection and happiness.
    • Among the aims of the prophetic mission is to cleanse and purify the self and develop its virtues
    • It is regrettable after so many centuries we see Muslims fragmented, in conflicts and disputes among themselves.

  38. Allamah Sayyid Kashmiri talks about Isra and Mi'raj [The Night Journey]
    · Allah (s.w.t.) gave the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad (s.a.w.w.) characteristics not given to a prophet before him.
    · The Holy Qur’an states that man could reach the depths of this endless universe.
    · Surahs of Al-Najm [The Star] and Al-Isra [The Night Journey] are clear proofs of the event of Isra and Mi'raj
    · Since the beginning, Islam has paid attention to knowledge and men of knowledge.
    · In the Holy Qur’an there are approximately 750 verses of facts about the universe and its secrets.
    · Young people should revert to the history of the Imams of Alul Bayt (a.s.) and make use of its scientific treasures so they may be enlightened and enlighten others also.
    · Reproached those who issue fatwas inciting antagonism, discord and the spread of sectarianism.

  39. In Sweden, Sayyid Kashmiri stresses the need to adhere to the latest directives of the leading Marja’iyah. He said:
    • Ali (a.s.) was the only person whose blow on the day of Khandaq was equal to the i’badeh of the Thaqalain – the jin and ins.
    • Ali (a.s.) is the same self (Nafs) as the prophet (s.a.w.w) according to the Aya of Al-Mubahala (see holy Quran 3:61)
    • Ali (a.s.) was like no other brother to the prophet (s.a.w.w.)

  40. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah emphasizes on the following:
    • The leading Marja’iyah’s rejection of the plans to divide and partition Iraq and demands the political entities to determine their position from this blind Fitna aimed at breaking up Iraq and its unity and disseminating hateful sectarianism to tear it apart.
    • If world politicians and rulers followed the Imam of fairness and justice, Imam Ali (a.s) in their dealings with the people there would be neither deprivation nor injustice on earth.
    • The month of Rajab is one of the sacred months and the acts of worship in it, if practiced, revitalizes the believer’s heart.
    • Young people must commit to their religion and faith and preserve their Islamic identity and not be affected by corrupt and deviant ideas.

  41. In the first Imam Al- Jawad (a.s.) gathering in Birmingham (UK), the representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe emphasizes that:
    • It is essential to hold conferences, seminars and intellectual meetings on the life of the immaculate ones (a.s.).
    • The Imams’ (a.s.) words and deeds serve as evidence for humanity because they exemplify the credo of Islam.
    • Imam Al-Jawad’s life was full of benevolentness, knowledge and insight. Therefore Muslims should benefit from it.

  42. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah:
    • Calls on scholars, preachers and Imams of Islamic centers to take advantage of the way of life of Sayyida Al-Zahra (s.a.) and her approach in raising the next generation.
    • Demands them to educate young people to commit themselves to the fundamentals of their religion and faith and not deviate from the path of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) and to preserve their religious and cultural identity.
    • To avoid watching and monitoring social media that show, exchange and disseminate terrorism, takfiri and sectarian material.
    • Scholars and preachers should beseech the Almighty the Exalted to grant victory to Iraq and the Iraqi people against their terrorist and takfiri enemies.

  43. In his Friday prayers sermon in Paris, Allamah Kashmiri spoke about:
    • Fatimatul-Zahra’s (s.a.) Educative Method.
    • Congratulate the leading Marja’iyah and the Iraqi people the recent victories to liberate parts of Iraq from the foul and satanic gangs. Beseeches the Almighty to grant more victories to liberate the remaining lands and rid the country and its institutions from corruption.
    • Calls on the Mujahideen to guard against complacency and show humility because the real victory is to triumph against the self and the final victory is to preserve this achievement.

  44. In his Friday prayers sermon Sayyid Kashmiri said:
    • Al-Zahra (s.a.) was the link between prophet-hood and Imamah and the continuation of the progeny of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.w.) until judgement day.
    • Some reports put the number of Alawis in the world to over 30 million.
    • Praised the determination of the Mujahideen in Iraq and asked them to unite and remain steadfast in the face of Allah’s enemies and the enemies of His prophet (s.a.w.w.) and humanity - appealing to the congregation to pray for their victory.

  45. The Representative of the Supreme Religious Authority in Europe opens the London office of Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation
  46. Sayyid Kashmiri says:
    • Al-Zahra (a.s.) has a special place distinguishing her among the 14 Masoomeen (a.s.)
    • The fatwa of the Imam Al-Sayyid Al-Seestani (long may he live) is a “divine fatwa” that united the Iraqi people and protected their land and Muslim sanctities.

  47. Sayyid Kashmiri says:
    • Fatimatul-Zahra (a.s.) is the best matrimonial role model for Muslim women.
    • Addressed the challenges facing the Muslim world from extremists and Takfiris.
    • Praised the recent triumphs of the Iraqi armed forces, the national volunteers, the security forces and local tribes in driving out the extremist and Takfiris from areas they had occupied.
    • Asked the congregation of help their fighting brothers in Iraq even by a Dua for their victory against their enemies after each Salat.

  48. Sayyid Al-Kashmiri says:
    The Qur’an mentions four attributes for the prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.w) not mentioned for other prophets (a.s.).

  49. Sayyid Al-Kashmiri in Stockholm states:
    • The secret of the stability of the Shi’a faith lies in the Hussaini Majalis and the Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s.).
    • The largest gathering in the world in Karbala exceeds the number of the pilgrims in Makka by five folds.
    • Regrets Arab and world media disregard and cover up of the millions who march towards Karbala - showing Muslim strength through chants of slogans against oppression and submission.
    • Financed by volunteers and philanthropists 200 million meals are distributed to pilgrims during the Arbaeeen period – considered the largest distribution in the world.

  50. The representative of the leading Marja’iyah in Europe, says on the eve of the tenth of Muharram, the night associated with the suckling infant ‘Abdullah’ :
    • The survival secret of the Shia faith lies in the revolution of Imam Hussein (a.s.) and the efforts of the Marja’iyah.
    • Hussein’s (a.s.) revolution is divine in aim, civilized in motives.
    • Hussein (a.s.) obliterated the principle of the ruler and established the principle of the condemned.
    • Hussein (a.s.) destroyed the Umayyid’s dreams and demolished their structure, which was built on a destructive foundation.
    • Hussein (a.s.) is the reserve fuel for the machine of Islam and a safety valve for its survival.
    • Each year, the number of Hosseini Majalis in various parts of the western, eastern and African world increases considerably. This year the number of Majalis in London, in various languages, reached 37.
    • Stressed on parents to preserve their children’s Arabic language and Islamic identity.